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I didn’t think as a parent I would be dealing with first loves quite so soon. I thought I had a few years of being the only woman in his life. This is not the case.

H was only 2 when he got his first crush. We were on holiday and would take him to the kids club and watch him play. There were a number of staff in there and H took a shine to one of them. Her name was Steph. She was brilliant with the kids, loud, bubbly and plenty of hugs to go round. H would wake up in the mornings asking to see Steph. When he was around her he would blush and suddenly become very coy. H has never been shy. If you say hello to him, he’ll tell you his life story down to what pants he is wearing. Suddenly our chatty little man was all bashful. It was quite sweet really. A holiday romance!

Last year at Playgroup H fell in love. It started with him talking about the little girl.  A lot. He would play with her everyday. Then he started telling me how pretty she was. Then one day in the bath he went very red when he told me rather sheepishly that he had kissed her. Luckily for H his affection was returned and he has not had his heart broken. He has asked her to marry him, she has said yes, but they are going to wait until they are 26. I am invited to the wedding. It is very cute and I will feel a little sad when they are no longer the object of one another’s affections.

Right now we are having another issue with love. There’s a little girl in H’s class who in his words “follows me everywhere, always sits with me, gives me really big hugs, tries to kiss me and calls me Prince”. Yes this little girl has fallen for my little boy. The problem is the love this new girl is showing him is not reciprocated. In fact H is finding it rather annoying.  We arrived in the playground the other morning and her little face lit up as she saw him and called his name. H ran off in the opposite direction screaming!   I said sorry to the little girls mum, she told me not to worry and that her daughter is obsessed with him and talks about him all the time.  Whilst I know H is reacting as any 5-year-old would to unwanted affection, I can’t help but feel responsible that this little girl is going to have her heart broken because my son doesn’t feel the same. But he wont have a polite conversation with her and tell her it’s not her, it’s him, she’s a lovely girl but he is in love with someone else.  Instead he will run screaming from her, hide from her, call her names, and tell her he is not playing with her.

It’s tough being in love when you’re 5.

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Claire Kirby

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  1. Ahh bless this is so cute. I love that the girls are falling for him already at 5. Adorable. This is my biggest fear that my son will one day have someone else to be the apple of his eye. At least I have my daughter for life. lol hahah as the saying goes… Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  2. Oh Claire that is so cute! I can quite picture H running off too 😉 A has had her heart broken but 2 boys so far, however in true A fashion its water of a ducks back and she has said “its okay, one day they’ll love me mummy and if not then I’ll find someone else”…. As for C, she is still in love with her Year R sweetheart, they’re Year 3 now, she says he’s told her he doesn’t love her but she doesn’t listen to him because she knows he does really! So I’m the reverse of you, I’m worried about one being so gung ho she might miss out on true love and one who will turn into a stalker! However, it keeps us smiling and whilst they’re little we can sit back and giggle…. its when the teens start that the panic will emerge I fear! Great blog – good to see you putting your creativity to good use 🙂

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