So in the time it took me to answer the phone and say “no thank-you” (or words to that effect) to the “we believe you’ve had an accident” call…




…The little one emptied the cupboard and sucked each cheddar before returning it to the box.


Do I just put them back in the cupboard and keep it our little secret? 😉




Claire Kirby

12 Comments on Wicked Wednesday – when mummy turns her back

  1. The little monkey! At least he’s taking food out of the box. My 10-month-old likes to inspect possible snacks he finds in the corner of the kitchen or bits of toast he shoved under the bookcase 2 days ago. Ahem, mummy really needs to get the hoover out more often…

  2. LOVE IT! My two would be exactly the same with chinny medders (our comedy name for them). Thanks so much for linking up to Wicked Wednesdays and I hope you had a truly amazing bank holiday! x

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