If there’s one piece of post childbirth advice that winds me up, it’s “The housework can wait”.  It remains a constant piece of advice given at any stage of your child’s life and I for one am calling bullshit on this particular wisdom.


Because quite simply it’s not true.  Of course prioritise those baby cuddles and bedtime stories, but just know that the house work can’t wait.


Have you seen how many clothes kids get through?  Have you seen the state of my kids uniform after he has had meatballs for lunch?  Not doing the laundry means a growing laundry pile.  A growing laundry pile very quickly takes on a life of its own and becomes a mountain.  And it’s a mountain that you will at some point have to conquer, unless you plan on throwing all of the clothes out and starting again.


Kids leave a snail trail of crumbs wherever they go.  Those crumbs will be trodden into your carpets, smeared into your sofas and wiped into your curtains unless you keep control of them.  Don’t hoover for a week and you will need some kind of industrial vacuum cleaner to get through the grime.  In fact within approximately 2.5 years of having kids a Dyson will be at top of your wish list and you will wonder what has happened to you.


In my house I was unanimously and non consensually elected in as the person solely responsible for knowing where every single item is at any given time.  The red car.   No the other red car.  The kinder egg toy they got six month ago.  The left shoe.  You must always know where the things are.  Not tidying means not knowing where things are, which leads to tears and tantrums.  Before you know it nothing fits inside the toy boxes anymore, all the outside toys are inside, the upstairs toys are downstairs, and you stand on Lego on a daily basis.

Washing Up

Do you really want to forgo the washing up and find out what happens when the toddler wants their dinner in the red bowl.  The red bowl currently sitting in the sink with yesterdays Weet-a-bix cemented to the bottom.  Are you crazy?  

Not to mention how much food kids eat.  If you ignore doing any washing up or chucking it in the dishwasher you would have used all of your crockery and the left over party paper plates in three days maximum.

Cleaning the Windows

If I’m being honest this is a chore I rarely did before children.  Mainly because I had little need to.  However small people have a fascination with anything remotely reflective, and if you don’t keep on top of your window cleaning, you soon won’t be able to see out of your windows for hand-prints and tongue smears.

Cleaning the Toilets

I have two boys.  Two boys who cannot aim, and are easily distracted.  Not cleaning my bathroom, particularly the toilets would mean sealing the area off with hazard tape in approximately two and a half days.   No one wants wet socks when they need to spend a penny.


No people.  The housework can’t wait.  But it’s ok.  You have helpers now.



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After haveing a baby they tell you the housework can wait. Forget the dishes. Don't tidy. Don't worry about the hoovering. Here's why that advice sucks!




Claire Kirby

9 Comments on Why the Housework Can’t Wait

  1. So if I told you that one of the original images I was going to use in my header when I launched AbPrab was of me in an apron that I love that says “Housework won’t kill you…but why take a chance” you wouldn’t agree? 🙂 Sadly now I’m getting off my bum to blog again, I’ve no idea when to fit in the housework. I don’t know how anybody manages to do it all without a cleaner…those were the days! #fridayfrolics

  2. The housework can’t wait or our house would be declared a health and safety risk to the whole island. I do hate the housework and often dream about being able to afford a cleaner. I have loved hosting Friday Frolics with you. Thanks for having me 🙂 #FridayFrolics

  3. I guess it can wait. But probably only until the kids have gone to bed! Unless you buy 10 of everything to prolong the inevitable! Thanks for hosting the past few years! #fridayfrolics

  4. Totes agree, It is better to stay on top of it rather than have a whole day of intensive housework hell in one hit. I don’t mind a good tidy up – I’m quite good at that, but everything else is just a necessary ball-ache! Love your ‘helper’ photos!! Thanks so much for hosting these past three years x #fridayfrolics

  5. Oh my days this is so,so true.We have got a terrier puppy and it just moults fucking constantly.It’s hair just gets EVERYWHERE.If I don’t constantly hoover then it gets tramped everywhere and the worst of worst happens as far as I’m concerned, it manages to make it to the washing machine and all the clothes become covered in b.stard hair!

  6. Abso-freakin-lutely! I am not the cleanest of folk, but I cannot stand a mess. I am a horrible mother if I am climbing over mounds of crap and wildly throwing clothes in the wash at the last minute. Oh and the ‘helpers’ are simply not pulling their weight as yet. #FridayFrolics (for the last time…thanks for the giggles xxxx)

  7. My son will only eat his breakfast in one particular Spiderman bowl – if that’s not washed and ready every morning, it’s not a very pleasant start to the day (and I’m not a very pleasant soul in the morning!!!). I get it Claire – the housework cannot wait!

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