With the long six weeks summer holiday looming ahead of us, parents everywhere are wondering how to keep the small people entertained and happy.  Look no further than this simple recipe for the perfect family summer.



  • Small people.  (The quantity may vary according to your liking, as long as they are aged somewhere between the terrible twos and the teenagers).
  • 6 weeks of no school or playgroup.
  • Lots of water (until the hosepipe ban kicks in).
  • Plenty of ice cream.
  • Fresh air in vast quantities.
  • Unpredictable British weather.
  • Netflix.



1) Pour water onto the small people.


Image of boy playing in the garden soaked with water laughing and happy


2) Add the ice cream in pure form, or add it to a fruity milkshake.

Image of boy with a strawberry milkshake


3) Mix in plenty of fresh air with the small people, preferably in large open spaces.

Image of two boys collecting stones at the beach


4) If you find the heat is too much to bear, or rainy day boredom sets in, add a generous helping of Netflix.

Image of two boys together on the sofa chilling out


Useful Tips:

This summer the little one will be watching the new season of Paw Patrol.  He’s a huge fan of Ryder and the pups.  

Screen shot of paw patrol cartoon

Whilst the big one will be transfixed by Lego Bionicle and deciding which one to spend his pocket money on next.

screen shot of Lego Bionicle

I myself, quite fancy a Pimms in the garden in the company of the Gilmore Girls.

Netflix Gilmore Girls Screen shot


I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam

Netflix Stream Team Badge


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