There are so many things at Christmas that are just for Christmas.  Christmas traditions.  A bit like pancake day. Every year we make delicious pancake recipes and vow to not wait another year to have them again.  Especially Nutella and banana.  But we do!

Once a year traditions of pancakes

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Take the humble roast Turkey, do you ever have roast turkey is it’s not Christmas?  We don’t.  What happens to turkeys for the rest of the year?  

Then there’s the trimmings.  To be fair sprouts once a year are more than I can take anyway.  We only ever have roast parsnips on Christmas day too.

Christmas pudding, Christmas crackers, mulled wine, the list is endless.  The giant tin of quality street that come the 27th December only has the toffees or the coffee ones remaining.  And what about nuts!  You know the ones you need a nutcracker and a hand made of steel to be able to crack and eat.  I’ve never even seen them in the shops unless it’s Christmas.  Then again I haven’t actively looked for them.

Image of a roast turkey


Why is being Christmas number one in the music charts such a big deal?  Why is it the only time of year I actually pay attention to the charts?

Some things are quite a relief that it only happens once a year.  The hell that is Christmas shopping.  De-tangling the Christmas lights.  Regretting the elaborate gift paper and ribbon presentation that you decided upon after wrapping just two gifts from the mountain you have to get through.  Writing Christmas cards.  Is that not a tradition that we are done with yet?  Trying to make a costume for the nativity play.  Wait that’s not once a year, there’s World Book Day to contend with too.

And thankfully there’s only one office Christmas party.  In my experience they normally provide enough gossip to keep you going until the next one anyway!

Maybe we only do all these things once a year because that’s what makes it Christmas, and it wouldn’t be as special otherwise.  Or maybe we should mix it up a bit.  Anyone for pancakes after their turkey?

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