The husband and I started going out just before my fifteenth birthday. But although he is the love of my life there have been others. The boys I loved before…

First Love

I was eleven when I first fell in love. He was blonde, Australian, and went by the name of Jason Donovan. His pictures adorned my bedroom walls, and his album was played on repeat on my record player. Yes I am that old!

My devotion to Jason involved begging my Mum to let me go to his concert. Of course this was the days before the internet, when you had to go to the box office to buy the tickets. This also involved my poor mother taking my best friend and I to join the queue for tickets at four in the morning. That people, was dedication.

the boys I loved before

Of course my first love was fleeting, I moved on to other boys, whilst he moved onto loin cloths and cocain.

My best friend and I went to another one of his concerts in our late twenties. We thought it would be a laugh. When we got there we felt silly and decided to day for one song and leave. But then the music started, he appeared on stage, and suddenly we found ourselves at the front screaming like eleven year old girls again.

There will always be a place in my heart for my first love.

Fleeting Crushes

Various pictures adorned my walls over the years. I watched Terminator 2 daily because I was madly in love with Edward Furlong.

Then there was my obsession with My So Called life and Jared Leto.

Soon to be replaced by Matthew Fox from Party of Five, who incidentally re-entered my life during the ‘Lost’ years. The only saving grace of wasting years of my life watching that program was the man candy in it.

Was it fashion, or did I have a thing about long hair?

First Heart Break

Many of my friends were broken hearted and bereft when Take That broke up. But my first heart break happened in the Viper Rooms when River Phoenix overdosed. His picture dominated my bedroom walls at the time. That and ‘arty’ pictures from Athena (also known as men holding babies) were my thing.

First Bad Boy

Every girl needs a bad boy phase right? Whilst my best friends were lusting after Gary Barlow and pals, I went down a different route. I still get stick about this one now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Nuno Bettencourt from Extreme.

It was definitely the hair.

First Long Term Relationships

My longest relationships have been with Brad Pitt, and Jon Bon Jovi. In fact I used to have a picture of Brad on my desk at work. One of my colleagues genuinely thought he was my husband. Unfortunately in recent years the relationships have ended. The first went a bit too Grisly Adams, and the second got a bit too old. It felt wrong.

My current long term relationship has been in fruition for about eleven years now. It all started with P.S I love You. Gerard Butler.

New Love

It’s been a long time since I last fell in love. In fact there has been no one since Gerard. But recently (and I am late to the party) I fell in love at first sight. This might be the most beautiful man I have ever seen. In fact there are men, then there are Gods, and then there is Jason Momoa.

So those were the boys I loved before. And Now! So tell me yours…

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  1. Say what you want but Bon Jovi will never go out of style. He has ages well! Am I odd that I still have a crush on the Karate Kid guy? #bloggerclubUK

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