Being a parent often brings out the nurturing side of people.  It also brings out some pretty wild animal instincts.  Have you ever wondered which animal characteristics you possess most as a parent?

Lets take a closer look…


The Owl 

The owl is notorious for being wise, as are you in the eyes of your offspring and their never ending supply of questions.  Owls are nocturnal, as are most parents.  Even when you get past the baby phase and realise the term ‘sleeping like a baby’ is an infringement of the Trades Description Act, you will still be a night owl.  The owl parent is constantly kept awake far later than they intend with lunchboxes, worrying and World Book Day costumes.

animal characteristics


The Meerkat

The animal characteristics of the meerkat parent are most often found in the outdoor habitat of the play park.  Parents are alert and eyes dart everywhere as they try to keep an eye on their feral offspring.  All parents stand to attention when a child’s cry is heard as they seek to find out if the cry belongs to one of theirs.  The meerkats gather in packs at many ‘social’ gatherings including birthday parties and soft play.  Meerkat characteristics can also be seen in the school assembly, particularly for the shorter parent, as they try to crane their necks above the mum buns for a better look at their offspring.

animal characteristics


The Parrot

The animal characteristics of the parrot are on full display in the mornings and often at meal times.  Squawks of “get your shoes on” and “hurry up” are muttered repeatedly and the volume increases.  Feathers are most definitely ruffled and before the family take flight for the school run.  Meal time behaviours include the repeated phrases such as “Eat your dinner”, “Stop licking your brother”, and Why do I bother?”

animal characteristics


The Horse

Horses are strong animals with the ability to carry and pull heavy loads.  The horse parent is very easily identified.  They are the ones who can barely see over the school bags, lunchboxes, scooters, cuddly toy, and collection of leaves the toddler has gathered, that they are carrying.  If they are not dragging a wayward infant behind them, they are galloping after one who has escaped the reigns. 

animal characteristics


The Dog

Domesticated and mans best friend.  Dogs love a game of fetch.  Fetching the laundry, fetching snacks, fetching the toy from behind the radiator, fetching the lost TV remote, fetching the wipes for the spilt drink and mucky faces.  Yes, parents play fetch every day.  However it is very rare for them to roll over for a tummy tickle, although I’m sure most would appreciate a pat on the head and a “good parent” from time to time.

animal characteristics


The Bear

The animal characteristics of the bear are mostly dormant.  But woe betide anyone in the path of a mama or papa bear when those instincts are unleashed.  The bear parent is fiercely protective of their cubs and will protect them at any cost.  Teachers, other parents, and little old ladies tutting in the supermarket have all fallen victim to the bear parent.  Don’t poke the bear.

animal characteristics


The Monkey 

The monkey parent comes into full swing when they are on public display.  They can be seen spitting onto tissues to clean unidentified marks from the faces of their offspring, sniffing bottoms (usually only of their small offspring) and performing unannounced nit checks.  The monkey parent has been known to resort to using their own sleeve to wipe a runny nose in the absence of tissues.

animal characteristics


The Koala

Quite simply the koala parent is never seen without a child in their arms or on their back.  They are the baby wearers of the modern parenting world.  Although sometimes these characteristics can come through reluctantly.  This is often demonstrated at nursery drop off time when the offspring clings to it’s parents leg until it is prised off and the parent make a run for freedom.


The Lion

The animal characteristics of the lion are seen often but are the strongest and most prevalent at parents evening.  Parents everywhere glow with pride and take to facebook to share this pride with everyone.  Other occasions where the lions pride comes to the forefront is first time their cubs do anything; walk, talk, go to school, eat vegetables, pee on the potty.  Proud parents hold their head high.  And rightly so.  It’s a tough gig.  Do you know how many times they had to sing the pee pee on the potty song for that first time to happen!   


The Hamster

Parents can often be found shovelling secret chocolate into their mouths so the offspring don’t see.  And they never stop, often feeling like they are running on a hamsters wheel in a whirlwind of nappies, homework, clubs, feeding, laundry and birthday parties.  It when the parents come off the wheel that it all goes to shit and the urge to hibernate comes into force.  Or at least hide under some straw blankets for the day.


So are you more parrot or horse?  I definitely feel like a parrot most days!


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Ever feel like a parrot shouting the same instructions to your kids? What other animal characteristics do you have as a parent? Are you a lion? a bear? Or are you more like the hamsters and meerkats of this world?




Claire Kirby

11 Comments on The 10 Animal Characteristics of All Parents

  1. I. Love. This. I’m definitely a hamster and my monkey tendencies are strong! I would like to say that I’m a horse at the school gates but I fear actually more of a donkey/ass. Oh and I went through a phase of tortoise where I literally carried my entire home around in a changing bag! Thank you for the giggles Claire! #DreamTeam xx

  2. Haha! This is brilliant. I would definitely be the hamster on the never ending hamster wheel. I’m pretty sure we all have a bit of bear in us too.. perhaps a hybrid hamster bear 🙂 Thanks for bringing all the giggles to the #DreamTeam this week xx

  3. Oh all of these things! Although the Meercats need camera phones to complete the look, and my Dog owners have omitted my pat on the head for FAR TOO LONG!

    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub Claire x

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