This challenge is so much harder than it looks!

I was tagged by Trista who writes a brilliant blog Domesticated Momster.  You can read her A-Z here.

So here are some facts about me, some you may know, some you may not, some you may wish you didn’t!



A is for Angels

I believe in them.


B is for Brad Pitt

I can link myself to him by 7 simple degrees of separation:

Brad was in The Mexican with Julia Roberts.
Julia Roberts was in Notting Hill with Hugh Grant.
Hugh Grant was in Bridget Jones with Rene Zelleweger.
Rene Zelleweger was in Down with Love with Ewan Macgreggor. (Awful film)
Ewan Macgreggor was in Moulin Rouge with Kylie Minogue.
Kylie Minogue was in Neighbours with Jason Donovan.
I (can’t believe I am admitting this) screamed my way through a Jason Donovan concert and touched his hand (haven’t washed it since).

See, me and Brad, practically married!


C is for Chocolate and Corden (as in James)

I love them both far more than I probably should.  I am now thinking of the two combined and it’s all manner of wrong.

Lifeloveanddirtydishes Life Love and Dirty Dishes


D is for a Dog named Sam

Growing up we had the best dog ever.  When I was small he let me dress him up.  When I was a teenager he let me sob into his fur over boys and general teenage angst.  There will always be dogs that I love, but none of them will ever compare to Sam.

2015-04-24 13.50.31


E is for Electric Shocks

I get them all the time.  Car doors, lift buttons, metal handles, people.  It’s not even funny. Stop laughing.


F is for Freezing

80% of the time I am always cold.  The other 20% I am moaning that I am too hot.  I get really really grumpy when I am too hot.


G is for Gerard Butler

Lifeloveanddirtydishes Life Love and Dirty Dishes


H is for Henry VIII

I’m a little bit obsessed and intrigued by him.  Love a bit of Tudor drama.


I is for Inpatient

Patience is not one of my virtues.


J is for Joggers

I am firmly against joggers being worn out in public.  The only time it is acceptable is if you are travelling to or from the gym.


K is for Kindness (random acts of)

I think being kind is a hugely undervalued quality.  Kindness restores your faith in human nature.


L is for Lee  

My husband.  My best friend.  We have been together since I was 14 and will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary in September.


M is for Mummy

My favourite thing to be to these two little charmers.  Who knows what they are going to come up with when they put their heads together!



N is for New York

My best holiday and some of my happiest memories.  I love that place.

New York Holiday


O is for Organised

If I’m not ticking off a list of some kind then I will be rocking in a corner somewhere.  Lists keep me sane.


P is for Phillip Schoefield

I spoke to him on a Going Live phone in competition when I was 8.  I was very quiet and he though my name was Sarah, not Claire.  I’ve got a melamine mug to prove it!


Q is for Quiet

I am very happy in my own company and relish the peace and quiet!


R is for Ruan

My middle name.


S is for Short Arse

Vertically challenged, shortie, midget, titch, I’ve heard them all.  You can read about my short girl problems here.


T is for Tuscany

One of my favourite places in the world and where I have eaten the best pizza ever made.


U is for University

I studied at Bournemouth University and have a BA (hons) degree in Advertising & Marketing Communications.  Smarty pants!


V is for Venom

I am not the biggest fan of venomous creatures.  Particularly snakes.


W is for Wine

Rose if you’re buying.


X is for X-Ray

What the hell else is X for?!  I have had an x-ray or two in my time!


Y is for Youth Replenishing Creams

Wow!  That was a tough one!  I love lotions and potions.


Z is for Zoo

I used to hate Zoo’s with a passion and thought them to be cruel places for animals.  Then I read Life of Pi and it completely changed my opinion.  I still hate seeing animals in small cages though.  Apart from Hamsters!


I tag Gluestick Mum, The DADventurer, Mummy Fever and Motherhood the real deal.  Are you up for the challenge?




Claire Kirby

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  2. How have I managed to miss this?!?! It’s brilliant (OMG! You SPOKE to Phillip Schofield?!?! Well jel! My sister had her postcard read out by Roland Rat in a competition. He couldn’t read her writing. Then they saw one of the answers was wrong so she didn’t win the prize either! #80sShame.) I am so up for this. Wait here…

  3. Cracking post! I’m connected to you too then as my husband plays in Jason’s band. So he has inadvertently touched you and I then touched him.
    We’re practically sister’s!
    And I love New York too. Oh and rose.
    Lush post!! A cracking read x

    • Hey sister!
      There’s a 12 year old girl inside me who sill wants to scream every time she hears the name Jason Donovan!
      I went to see him again about 7 years ago and instantly became that girl again!
      He did a really emotional song that I have never heard since but I will always remember.

  4. I love that you put pictures with your A-Z ; James Corden is one of the funniest people around at the moment and as much as I like Brad Pitt I love Jared leto but they’re both scrummy. xx

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