I may look like an ordinary Mum to you in my standard issue leggings and mum bun.  But truth be told there’s more to this mum than meets her dark circled eyes.  I have actual superhero skills.

These arms may not serve me well on the monkey bars in the park, but they posses a strength greater than Hulk’s.  These arms can carry two wriggling children, book bags, lunch boxes, PE Kit, shopping (including 4 pints of milk and a bottle of wine), a scooter and Postman Pat’s van*.  AT THE SAME TIME.  And I don’t need to turn green to do this. Maybe just a slight redish tinge?  

*Toy van obvs.

My sensory skills rival Superman’s.  In a room full of thirty noisy children I can hear my child say “Mummy” above all the chaos.  I can tell a dropped toy ‘thud’ from a banged head ‘thud’, and I can hear the Lego tub being emptied whilst I’m in the shower.  I can spot a muddy puddle before we’ve turned the corner, and my ability to locate a lost toy is second to none. I can smell a dirty nappy from three rooms away, and can tell if hands have been washed with just one sniff.

But it doesn’t end there…

Super Mum Skills

I can tidy a room when unexpected guest arrive at a speed to rival Wonder Woman’s twirls. 

I carry the weight of mum guilt and parental worry without breaking a sweat.

My kiss has the power to stop tears.

My ‘look’ has the power to stop small people in their tracks.

My arms have the power to rock babies to sleep.

I can change a nappy with just one hand.

I make monsters under beds disappear.

I can catch vomit with my bare hands.

I can answer 50 questions in 60 seconds flat.

I can conquer actual mountains of laundry.

I can disguise vegetables in a bolognese sauce.

I can recall the first and second names of approximately 80 children and 40 cartoon characters.

I can host a kids party.  Only real superheroes can do this, and survive.

I can resemble a functioning human being after a night of 2 hours broken sleep.

I can protect children from the meanest of hand driers by singing really loudly.

After mastering these super hero skills you’d think I would be able to leave the little one’s bedroom without kicking the toy box.  Every. Single. Time.  Sadly, for my toes, this is not the case.


My Superheroes in training…

Super Hero


What parenting super powers do you have?

This post supports the nPower Family Super powers campaign.

nPower are working with Peter and Emily Andre to find, share and celebrate the UK’s most useful, surprising and engaging parenting super powers.  

Visit familysuperpowers.com and enter your family super power and you could win a family break at a UK theme park.

Image Source: nPower familysuperpowers.com 

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Claire Kirby

13 Comments on Superhero Skills

  1. Your superhero skills are unmatched! (And your little superheroes are sooooo cute!) Iron Man and Spiderman together are no match for the magic a Mom possesses! #FridayFrolics

  2. You’re a super mum indeed! I never thought of my ability to hide veg in tomato sauce or function on pretty much no sleep as super powers, but maybe they are. I’m super impressed with your one-handed nappy-changing skills, by the way. #FridayFrolics

  3. LOL at being able to hear a lego box being emptied while in the shower – classic super hero mummness that! One of my super powers is knowing exactly what my daughters school day has been like before she even utters a word at pick up! Credit where credit is due we are a whole lot more than cape and an eye mask! #fridayfrolics

  4. I remember postman Pat! It’s been 25-30 years since I’ve even thought of postman Pat. Then I read your blog and *poof*, I hear the theme song playing in my brain. Weird how memory works.

    That’s another super power you can add to your list. Spontaneous nostalgia inducer. #FridayFrolics

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