One of my talents is being able to recite several Julia Donaldson books with my eyes closed. A Squash & A Squeeze, Stick Man and The Gruffalo should be a skill on my CV!

Both the boys have been through an obsession with her stories. When it was Big’s phase I wrote a parody of The Gruffalo, The Toddler-o.

Stick Man is Little’s current obsession. Stick Man running around everywhere trying to get back to the family tree reminded me of those days where you run from one chore to the next, never really finishing anything before someone requires you to do something else, and all you want to do is sit down. And so a new parody was written. Only, instead of Stick Man, it’s Mummy.

Stick Man parody cartoon image by Morgan's Magic Markers

Mummy sits on the family settee

With her backup plan man and her feral children three.

She jumps up quickly as she recalls a job,

Mummy, oh Mummy, you must clean the hob!

Mummy enters the kitchen, “The hob’s just the start!

The worktops still sticky from the kids pop tarts.

I’ll clean it, and scrub it, and sweep it- and then,

I’ll clean it, and scrub it,and sweep it again.

I’m not a cleaner! Why can’t you see,

I’m Mummy, I’m Mummy,

I’M MUMMY, that’s me,

And I want to go back to the family settee!”

A Child says:

“Mummy I need you in here.”

Mummy is like glue to which the children adhere.

She sets off for the settee with a hop and a twirl.

Mummy, oh Mummy, beware of the girl!

“A Poo! cries the girl with a smile on her face.

Judging by the smell, it’s a serious case!

“Ok, I’ve got this, now lay on the floor,

Pass me the wipes – no, I’m going to need more!”

“I’m not a zoo keeper! Why can’t you see,

I’m Mummy, I’m Mummy,

I’M MUMMY, that’s me,

And I want to go back to the family settee!”

Mummy is moaning. It falls on deaf ears.

Mummy, oh Mummy beware of the tears!

“My toy” shouts the boy. “Now give it right back!”

He snatches from his brother and gives him a whack.

“I’m not a referee! Why can’t you see,

I’m Mummy, I’m Mummy,

I’M MUMMY, that’s me,

And I want to go back to the family settee!”

The kids are separated and Mummy is free.

She contemplates a bath and a hot cup of tea!

She dreams of Ryan* in the bubbly bath,

When an uninvited guest wakes her with a laugh.

In jumps a child without removing his clothes.

Mummy, oh Mummy beware of those toes!

“Squishy!” yells the child as he climbs on her tummy!

“Hooray! I’m going to bounce on you Mummy.”

Stick Man parody cartoon image by Morgan's magic markers

“I’m not a trampoline for you to jump,

Or a frame to climb, or a drum to thump.

I’m not a chef, I’m not a mule,

I’m not google, or a fool – no, I’m…”

Mummy, oh Mummy, beware of the letter!

Here comes a boy with news from his class,

“I need to be an evacuee!” he says with a laugh.

“I’m not a seamstress! Why can’t you see,

I’m Mummy, I’m Mummy,

I’M MUMMY, that’s me!

Will I ever sit down on the family settee?”

Mummy feels poorly, she starts to fret.

Mummy is shivering and covered in sweat.

Mummy is tired, and feeling distressed.

Daddy sends her to bed and tells her to rest.

She can’t hear the hoover, or the washing machine,

Or Daddy saying, “Kids, lets work as a team!”

Mummy is lying asleep in the bed.

The kids are quiet because they’re being fed.

She dreams of her kids and her backup plan man,

Then suddenly wakes. What’s that light by the fan?

The light comes closer, it’s so very bright.

It really is the most beautiful sight.

A fairy? A fairy?

Could it really be?

“Don’t worry!” cries the fairy.

“I’ll soon set you free.”

A twitch of her wand and a flurry of sprinkles,

The laundry is folded with barely a wrinkle.

A few magic words, and the beds are all made

The toys are away, and the table is laid.

“Fairy, oh fairy you excellent friend!

Thanks! Thanks a million! Thanks without end!”

Then Mummy awakes it was all just a dream,

But wait, the house is all tidy and clean.

It didn’t take fairy dust or make believe,

It just took a Mummy down on her knees.

Backup plan man’s lonely. The children are glum.

The movie’s not the same without their lovely Mum.

They fidget and wriggle on the family settee.

But what is that vision before them they see?

Someone is walking in through the door.

Is it a bird, or a bat, or a boar?

Or could it… yes, could it just possibly be…

I’m Mummy, I’m Mummy,

I’M MUMMY, that’s me!

And I’m sitting right here on the family settee.”

*Gosling or Reynolds. Your choice.

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Thanks to the very talented Morgan Prince for bringing this parody to life with her illustrations. Ironically a Stick Man is as far as my drawing skills go!

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The never ending list of chores, the never finishing what I started, someone always needing me to do something.  That's what inspired this parody of Julia Donaldon's Stick man story, simply called "Mummy"




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