I am becoming increasingly aware that the days of Big not having a mobile phone are limited. Primary school seems to be flying past, and in the not to distant future we will be looking at secondary schools and he will get his first phone.

It’s uncharted territory for me. I managed fine walking to school and back for five years without a phone. In fact I didn’t get my first phone until I was at University. But times have changed, and the power of mum guilt and peer pressure will mean Big will get his first phone at 11 years old.

I know what I want when it comes to my mobile phone package, but for my son’s first phone I have very different requirements. I don’t have the latest, newest, shiniest phone, so he won’t either. In fact he is more likely to be given my old phone when I upgrade, and I will search price comparison sites to find the best sim only deals for him.

Mobile phone companies will tell you that sim only deals are cheaper, because you are not paying for the phone. You get the same perks as a contract and it is more cost effective than pay as you go. Which basically means they can have unlimited texts, rather than running out of credit because they sent the poo emoji to all of their mates.

All of the above is true. But here’s why I will be going looking at sim only deals when Big is a teenager and gets his first phone:

sim only deals

1 Start small

My first car was a bit of a banger. I loved her, and to coin a phrase, she went like sh*t off a shovel. She also had weeds growing through the drivers side foot well and had a tendency not to start when it was cold and wet.

My point is, I would not give a learner driver a brand new car. Likewise my son’s first mobile will not be a brand new one.

2 With great power comes great responsibility

My kid loses everything. His shoes, his watch, his pen, his library book, his mind. Everything! And you can bet your life the phone will be added to list of things that I am expected to know the whereabouts of at all time.

Until such time that I can say “It’s on your desk”, without having to then go to said desk and point out the item right in front of his nose, because he was insistent that “It’s not on my desk”, he will be having my old phones. And if the husband is anything to go by, the kid is never going to have a new phone!

3 He’s about as careful as a bull in a china shop

There’s a reason his tablet has a heavy duty protective case, and every Lego model he has ever built is broken. He’s clumsy. He’s a kid and he doesn’t think things through. He likely to leave it in his pocket and put it in the laundry bin. He’s just as likely to conduct scientific experiments as to how fast it falls from his ceiling height bed to his floor.

Let’s face it some adults are too clumsy for mobile phones. We’ve all got that one friend on facebook “If you need me, contact me on here. Dropped my phone down the toilet. again.”

4 Money makes the world go around

Life is about to get really expensive. His first mobile phone will coincide with his starting secondary school. That means new uniform, shoes, bag. Do they need laptops?

Do you remember coming back to school after the Summer when you you were 14, and all of the boys had suddenly grown three foot and had beards. He’s going to need a whole new wardrobe to accommodate that growth spurt. And I’m pretty sure he’s not going to be happy with me getting his trainers from Sainsburys anymore.

Plus I’ve heard some horrific rumours about the cost of school trips in secondary school. My money will be going on the best sim only deals I can find!

Will you be looking into sim only deals for your child’s first phone?

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