In the last of my summer series of round-ups I’m looking at signs.  Not as in ‘No balls allowed’ signs, or signs from up above.  But the smack bang obvious signs that you might be a parent. If the bags under your eyes, grey hairs, furry raisins at the bottom of your handbag, and small people hanging off your legs isn’t enough of a giveaway of your parental status, these posts might help.

So here are my posts all about signs.  Signs you have a teething baby.  Signs you are a child of the eighties.  Signs you are living with boys.  Signs you are a short arse.  Ok, that last one might just be me.  Lots of signs that you probably already know, but it’s just a bit of a giggle.

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Other signs that you might be a parent include injuries which you can read all about in my post, Mummy Injuries.


Finally here’s a selection of great posts from some other bloggers on the same subject…


I am having a blogging break over the summer holidays.  Mainly because I have two small people home with me all day!  I will be sharing these round-up posts once a week, but will be back in September with brand new posts.


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