I am one of the lucky ones.  Conceiving both our children was relatively easy, three months of trying with our first, and first time with our second!  But however blessed I was to be pregnant and growing a little miracle inside of me, pregnancy was at times really tough.

Only we are not supposed to say that are we?  We’re supposed to glide around in floaty maternity dresses and ‘glow’.  Only floaty maternity dresses cost way too much money for someone about to go an statutory maternity pay, and personally I think that whole glow thing is a myth!  And lets face it, whoever came up with the phrase ‘morning sickness’ needs to reported under the trades description act.

Below are a selection of my posts about pregnancy and child birth.  Some soppy, some funny, or at least I try to be.  There’s everything from people sharing their first thoughts after birth, to how to bring on labour.  Share them with a friend who is currently feeling like a beached whale and let her know she’s not alone, and that she will be able to see her toes again soon.  And also, really don’t stress yourself about that pooing yourself whilst pushing thing.  Honestly, when you are pushing you really won’t give a crap!

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You can also read my thoughts on pregnancy announcements…  Lifeloveanddirtydishes Life Love and Dirty Dishes


If you are a fan of one born the check out my birth stories for Big and Little.


Finally here’s a selection of great posts from some other bloggers on the same subject…

On a more serious note, because pregnancy is far from all fun and games, I really wanted to include this very honest and beautiful post from Amy about infertility.  

How it Really Feels ‘Long Term Trying to Conceive’ by Amy Treasure

And finally I am including this post because I think it is the bravest post ever written about child loss, and it could really help people who are experiencing it themselves.  I just hope you never need to follow Laura’s advice.

Things I Wish I Had Known By Five Little Doves


I am having a blogging break over the summer holidays.  Mainly because I have two small people home with me all day!  I will be sharing these round-up posts once a week, but will be back in September with brand new posts.


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Claire Kirby

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  1. Thanks very much for featuring my post Claire. Brilliant idea for a round-up and I’m thrilled to be included. Hope you’re enjoying your hols. x

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