Back in 2015 I launched a series.  Rookie Mistakes.  A place for other bloggers to share their stories of parenting fails, and for the rest of us to know that we are not alone or inadequate.

The idea came after telling my story about the time I left the house with my baby, but no change bag.  Thinking, ‘I’m only popping out for 20 minutes.  What’s the worst that could happen?’  Well the worst that could happen is for your tiny baby to projectile vomit 10 times his body weight of puke all over you in the middle of a brand new Next store.  The worst that could happen is that he gets every item of clothing you are wearing, not to mention your hair and face.  And of course because you made the rookie mistake of leaving the change bag at home, you have to drive home in your pants and bra.  In winter.

But I thought and hoped, that these parenting fails couldn’t be unique to me.  I wasn’t the only one winging it, was I?  Well it turns out that whole perfect parent thing is an urban legend!

Over the last two years I have had some fantastic bloggers share their rookie mistakes. And I have often been crying with laughter at the parenting fails.  Below I am sharing a few of the most read rookie mistakes from the series.  I hope you enjoy them.

I am relaunching the Rookie Mistakes series in September.  I would love to hear from you if you have a parenting fail you would like to share with us.  Whether you are new to the series, or have taken part before, and have made another parenting error, I want to feature you. Find out how to get involved.

So here are some rookie mistakes you may or may not have made…

rookie mistakes


Taking your kids to a smear test.  What could possibly go wrong?  What Mum Should have Told Me finds out.

Not one, not two, but 10 rookie mistakes.  I think I did everyone on The Adultier Adult’s list!

rookie mistakes

They don’t call kids monkeys for no reason.  Puzzled Mummy tells us her parenting fail at the zoo.

We’re going on a day out.  Everybody IS going to have fun.  that’s not quite how it went down at Peppa Pig world for This Mums Life.

rookie mistakes

Don’t forget the pushchair.  All hell breaks lose when you forget the pushchair.  Life is Knutts has my deepest sympathies.

rookie mistakes

Dad Up North had some great advice on what Dad’s should not do if they don’t want to find themselves buried under the patio!

rookie mistakes

Injuries are part and parcel of having kids, but how do you know when they are serious or not?  Mouse, Moo & Me Too found out the hard way.

rookie mistakes

Just popping to the shops with the toddler.  Not something a parent ever says twice, as And Another Ten Things discovered.

rookie mistakes

When you are out in public and there’s an emergency code brown.  Mess, Stress & Fancy Dress tells us how not to do it!

rookie mistakes

Life will carry on as normal after the baby comes.  Something About Baby discovers that it’s not business as usual at the beauty salon.

rookie mistakes

Sparkles & Stretchmarks has a whole list of things she thought would never happen to her.

rookie mistakes




I am having a blogging break over the summer holidays.  Mainly because I have two small people home with me all day!  I will be sharing these round-up posts once a week, but will be back in September with brand new posts.


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