No one can prepare you for the amount of rules involved in being a parent.  It’s a tricky road. Breast is best, but only behind closed doors.  Going back to work is bad.  Being a stay at home mum is bad.  Never complain about your children, because you know, #blessed.  But likewise, never brag about them either. #overshareer.  There are rules for just about anything.

Luckily for you I have written several posts about rules, and in my rules for just about anything I am sharing everything from visiting a new mum, to playing cars with a toddler. I’m sure you will find these rules useful.  Although please note a sense of humour is required.  I am only adding that caveat as some people have read these rules in the past and thought them to be fact, and got a little bit upset by them. #sorrynotsorry.

If you enjoy these posts I would love it if you would share them with someone who needs to know the rules.  Perhaps you know a serial rule breaker.  You can also head on over to facebook and like my facebook page. #thanks.

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Finally here’s a selection of great posts from some other bloggers on the same subject…


I am having a blogging break over the summer holidays.  Mainly because I have two small people home with me all day!  I will be sharing these round-up posts once a week, but will be back in September with brand new posts.


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