It was my birthday on Friday.  My one day a year where it gets to be all about me.  Kind of.  I mean there are still arses to wipe, mouths to feed, and I think there a few years to go before I actually get to open my presents myself.  But it’s more about me than any other day of the year.

With that in mind I decided to be rather self indulgent and ask some of my favourite bloggers what their favourite posts of mine were.

When you write something you have no idea what the reaction is going to be.  I’ve had posts that I have spent hours pouring over to perfect that barely get noticed, then others that I knock out in 10 minutes flat become my most viewed.  There’s a lesson there.  I’ve had a lighthearted post about the time we did elf on the shelf cause lots of controversy. Seriously, an elf! So as well as being indulgent it’s interesting to see what these brilliant bloggers think.

Anna – Mummy Muckups:

Here’s what Anna had to say about her favourite post; Romance Before Children vs After Children….

Claire smashes the truth again.
Oh I remember those romantic weekend getaways, long, lavish dinners, a little bit of a cuddle and a sleep in the next day. But the truth is, the kids come along and romance suddenly needs to be scheduled along with the dentist, play group and ballet lessons.
Amen for the man who proposes a takeaway, orders it himself and picks it up without prompting.
Thanks, Claire, for reminding me that the romance may have cooled a little whilst the kids are small, but the love is always there, especially with the promise of a curry and a weekend lie-in.


Hayley – Sparkles And Stretchmarks:


Laura – Five Little Doves:

I could have chosen any but I did love this one especially, even more so given I seem to have spent the last decade at soft play.

soft play centre


Gemma – Life is Knutts:

Gemma made me squeal and cry with her kind words…

Claire is an absolutely brilliant, and very funny, writer. In fact, I realised the other day that she is one of the very first bloggers I came across, along with the Unmumsy Mum and Just a Normal Mummy. There is just something about the way Claire writes that pulls you in, has you nodding in agreement and leaves you thinking, “thank god it’s not just me!”. A talent for mixing the funny with the emotional and honestly one of the kindest bloggers I have come across in my short blogging journey. My favourite post by Claire, and this was SUCH a tough one was this one about what she learnt during her child’s first year of school. I was able to relate to it so much and I think it’s a must read for any parents about to embark on their child’s schooling journey.

First Year at school


Prabs – Absolutely Prabulous:

I have so many faves but I think I have to go with the ‘to the new mum who has it nailed after two weeks and thinks the rest of us are lazy…’ because that really stayed with me and was such a clever hilarious and bang on post (and a great example of the title that makes you click). Not for nothing it went viral.

To the new mum who has it nailed after two weeks and thinks the rest of us are lazy


Nicole – Tales From Mamaville:

Laughed out loud here. Love how you made this horrific situation so laugh-worthy.

Lisa – Mummascribbles:

Please can I choose two faves?? I just love both of these!

Oh go on then Lisa 😉

We Are Not Rivals: An open letter to mums


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