I don’t believe those couples who say they never argue. I mean we all do from time to time. And when you become parents the rows change, not just the hushed tones and muttering under your breath, but the things we row over. A parental row. Sometimes over big stuff, sometimes over silly things.

parental row


The classic disagreement over who got the least sleep. Who was up more time in the night seeing to the kids? Who snored the loudest (always me)? Maybe a CPAP machine would make me quieter?!

Lie In

Nothing will have you searching for divorce lawyers and the best hookup sites faster than a partner who negates on the agreement that it’s your turn to have a lie in.

Dirty Nappies

We never really argued over nappy changes until our second born. Changing his nappy was like wresting a crocodile. Since using duct tape was, and still is highly frowned upon, there would be a healthy debate as to who’s turn it was to break a sweat.

The Motherload

Whilst the Motherload doesn’t always fall to the mother, in a lot of cases it does. I’m talking about being the one who takes care of all the life admin, and holds all of the knowledge. The dentist appointments and haircuts, the permissions slips and lunch money, the RSVP’s and birthday gifts. Knowing where any given toy is at any given time. What books they have read by their favourite author. Their favourite TV show. Where the red book is.

Sometimes the overwhelming responsibility of the Motherload can lead the bearer to combust. And it’s not pretty. There’s normally ugly crying involved. Full on ugly crying with snot.

Where is it?

My number one reason for a parental row… Being the one who holds the knowledge of where pretty much everything is in our home, it is a huge bug bear of mine when the following happens:

a) They swear it’s not where you told them it was. Even though you sent them to look again and gave them minute detail as to where it was. They still insist that it is not there. They looked with their eyes and everything. And guess what? When you go to look it’s EXACTLY where you said it would be!

b) It’s not where you said it would be because someone else has put it away somewhere else. In a place where it doesn’t go. The wrong place. And thus ruining the entire system on which the house functions. That someone is NEVER me. Don’t make me get my label maker out. Because I will you know.

Forgetting Things

You were supposed to pick up the prescription. I asked you to pack bear. Why did you give him the blue beaker? The whole meltdown could have been avoided if you had given him the red one. Where are the kids, you were supposed to pick them up at 4.

Just joking with that last one. Kind of.

Yes and No

Kids are artful manipulators aren’t they? The first stage is when they get a no from one parent, so go and ask the other and get a yes. But pretty soon they learn to cut out the ‘no’ man so to speak, and go straight to the parent who is more likely to say yes. Often resulting in a parental row along the lines of “Why did you let him do that?”.

What’s the thing in your house most likely to cause a parental row?

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  1. hahaha! This did make me chuckle. I think my fella and I have argued over most of these things over the years. The biggest thing my fella and I argue over is food. Mostly for stupid reasons like he used the last of the ketchup or forgot to get sweet & sour sauce with a Chinese takeaway. lol x

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