We are all aware of the kinds of the children of the nativity, the nose picker, the flasher and the waver to name a few. But what about the parents of the nativity? All huddled together on tiny chairs in big coats watching their little star be an angel, wise man, donkey, or chicken.

parents of the nativity

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The Emotional Parent

Without a shadow of a doubt this is me! There is something about kids singing Christmas songs that makes me get all misty eyed. Walking in that school hall and seeing then sat in their costumes, fiddling with their halos, and frantically scanning the room for their parents, puts a lump in my throat. It’s very easy to spot us emotional parents, tissues in hands, watery eyes. One year the kids did a dance to Coldplay’s A Sky Full of Stars. Two years later I still cry every time I hear that song!

The Singing Parent

The kids have been practising their songs at home for months, so we know all the words too. But the singing parent just can’t help themselves. They sing along and give it some gusto. You can’t help but wander if the singing parent is always the first up at karaoke. I bet they have a karaoke song. You make a mental note that a night out with this parent could be fun.

The Parent With The Entourage

Our school has a two tickets per child rule. But there are always those that spend weeks sourcing any spare tickets they can get their hands on. On the day they turn up with the child’s grandparents, seven aunts and uncles, Great Auntie Sue, and the next door neighbours.

The Stressed Parent

Easily spotted as they are normally accompanied by a toddler. The toddler either wants to be on stage with their brother or sister, or they want to leave. The toddler never wants to just sit on the chair and watch. The stressed parent spends most of their time bribing the toddler with snacks and whispering apologies. Don’t worry stressed parent, in a few years it will be your toddler up on stage and you can enjoy the nativity whilst sending sympathetic smiles to the parent watching whilst their toddler empties the contents of their handbag on the floor.

The Eager Parent

Their tween years of queuing for tickets to see Jason Donovan at 5 O’clock in the morning* have all been in preparation for this day. If the performance starts at two they will be queuing from midday to ensure they have a front row seat.

*My tween years happened to be before the advent of online booking systems. Getting tickets to see your favourite star involved queuing at the venue. It was how we showed our dedication.

The Embarrassed Parent

Normally related to the child on stage picking their nose or flashing their pants. They have been witnessed going bright red and sinking down into their seat slightly as the audience turns their attention from the child on stage, who is now wiggling their bum at the audience, to the owner of said child!

Parents of the nativity: Which one are you?

Check out the types of children you see in the nativity

children you see in the nativity parents of the nativity nativity scene using play mobil figures.

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Claire Kirby

9 Comments on Parents of the Nativity

  1. My mom comes under emotional and my father-in-law (heard from hubby) is the eager one for sure!! My dad and my mother-in-law are a mix of emotional and stressed, haha I am yet to be a parent!

  2. I’m the emotional parent. When my girl said her first lines in the nativity I cried, a lot. I’m not even joking! I felt so emotional sitting in the front row! But then as she got to the singing part, the teacher gave her a microphone and she wouldn’t give it back and she really went to town with away in a manger. We were in fits of giggles! She was living her best life up there.

  3. i am a bit of a neither of these , and a bit of some of these 😉 – my last Nativity at daughter primary school i cried laughing ( bad mum) only cos i underestimated how tall is my daughter when i ordered her a star outfit .., whch made her look like something men use for “protection” 😉 but i have great photo for the family album hehe – Kind regards pati robins at style squeeze blog

  4. Emotional nativity parent over here for sure! Although I’m not a fan of children singing (terrible person alert!) maybe that’s actually why I cry!

    Brilliant post, I can picture each of these x

  5. I think I’m the stressed one with two toddlers in tow, and then emotional! I was watching a video of last year’s nativity last night and even that got me welling up!

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