A Spa break is something I enjoyed before I became a parent. But now I am a parent I think I appreciate them on a whole new level.

spa break

Why Mums Love a spa break…

1. We can recharge from the chaos

Sometimes my life feels like a whirlwind of after school clubs, homework, birthday parties, permission slips and costumes! Then there are lunchboxes, lost toys to find, never ending laundry. My mind is normally running at warp speed and my to-do lists are in danger of becoming novels they are so long. It’s no wonder that every now and then we need some down time. A chance to switch off and recharge. And I know I am a better, certainly more patient, mum when I have had the chance to do this. Sometimes it’s a coffee with friends, sometimes it’s a night out. But every so often it’s a spa break.

2. You get to turn the volume down

I remember when I was a kid my Mum often saying “I’m going to change my name”. And now I am a parent, I get it. Kids ask nearly 300 questions a day and most of those are preceded with “Muuummmmmyyyyy??????”.

I love my kids to bits, but man they are loud. So the chance to chill out for a day with the soundtrack of plinky plonky spa music, rather than farting and the baby shark song is at times rather appealing.

3. A day not dealing with anyone elses bodily fluids

No further explanation required.

4. Being able to read a book

Reading is something I am really trying to do more of. It’s one of those things I miss since becoming a parent. Getting lost in a good book. I mean I do enjoy a Julia Donaldson as much as the next person, but sometimes I just want to read a book where the words don’t rhyme.

spa break

5. Swim without all the stress

Going swimming with the kids when they are small is about 20 minutes of fun and 40 minutes of stress. You know what I mean. “Get up off the floor please darling and stop looking under all the cubicle doors.” “No, that’s right, Mummy doesn’t have a willy.” “Please don’t get in the lockers sweet heart.” “DON’T open that door, Mummy isn’t dressed.”

A spa break means swimming without all of that stress. There’s a lot less splashing, and there’s a lot less flashing.

6. You can shower without interruption

Seriously. No interruptions. When was the last time you took a shower without someone needing a poo, or having to get out with shampoo in your hair to break up a fight? Or hearing phantom baby cries? My kids are 10 and almost 6 and I still hear those phantom baby cries! Add some luxury soaps or haircare products, like those from Pump Haircare, and you’ll come out feeling fresh and revitalised

7. You get to eat cake

Most spa breaks involve an afternoon tea. Cake that I don’t have to share. Where do I sign up?

8. A chance to be pampered

It’s just nice to be the one being taken care of. To indulge in something that is just for you when you spend every waking hour putting everyone elses needs ahead of your own. Whether it’s a massage, a facial, or having your nails done, it’s a lovely way to be pampered.

Being a parent is an amazing job. But it’s also a relentless job. And taking time for you is important. It’s essential for your mental well being. So whether that’s taking half an hour to paint your nails at home, or having the luxury of a spa break, we should all take the time to put ourselves first.

I love the analogy of the oxygen mask. On a flight you are always told to put your oxygen mask on before you help your kids put theirs on. You are not much use to your kids if you don’t take care of yourself.

If that’s convinced you to book a spa break check out Voyage Privé website for fantastic UK spa breaks.

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