We’re going to a wedding tomorrow. Here’s how things are going down in my house…

Disclaimer: No offence is intended in the making of this blog 😉

Mummy’s To Do List

  • Organise H’s clothes for the day.
  • Organise baby O’s clothes for the day.
  • Panic that the weather might change so organise plan B clothes for Baby O.
  • Organise alternative clothes for baby O in case of nappy fail / spit ups / drool overload / all of the above.
  • Buy H new clothes for the day as a sudden growth spurt means original clothes no longer fit.
  • Pack nightwear for baby O.
  • Have a major dilemma about nightwear for baby O. What if what I put him in at the wedding (marquee) is too warm for when we get home. Changing him might wake him and then he might be up all night.
  • Find a layering solution to the nightwear problem.
  • Tell Husband to get his suit sorted.
  • Debate whether I should drink (first time post baby) or drive.
  • Plan my outfit / make-up / hair / shoes / jewellery and wonder how I will have the time to do make-up / hair / jewellery.
  • Stress about how my post baby body will look in my dress. Vow to stop eating chocolate. Well maybe eat less chocolate.
  • Pack change bag with plethora of muslins, nappies, wipes, plasters (H is bound to fall over), tissues.
  • Charge camera.
  • Wrap gift.
  • Think of nice message to write in the card.
  • Find the box of confetti we didn’t use at the last wedding we went to that we put in a safe place to use at the next wedding.
  • Remind hubby about his suit again.
  • Organise a bag of things to keep H amused, colouring stuff, toys. Make sure not too noisy or his favourites. Don’t want tantrums about not sharing in front of the entire family!
  • Measure out pots of formula for baby O. What he would normally have then double it just in case!
  • Decide not to drink. I’m a responsible parent.
  • Re-pack change bag as Baby O has suddenly outgrown current nappy size.
  • Fall over and break two nails.
  • Emergency nail varnish shop as can no longer do a French polish because of broken nails and don’t have the right colour to go with my dress.
  • Pluck eyebrows and wish I had the time for an appointment to get them waxed.
  • Dye hair (need to cover the greys) and sulk for a couple of days when husband doesn’t even mention it.
  • Pack a snack bag for H. Include a giant lollypop and weigh up the pro’s and con’s of keeping him quiet during the ceremony (not the time for 100 questions about weddings and why people get married) against a major sugar crash.
  • Decide to go with the lollypop. Bad parent.
  • Watch at husband’s insistence him try on his suit and help him pick his shirt and tie.
  • Remind husband to set up the sat nav. (nothing more annoying than being already to go and sitting in the car for 10 minutes whilst he programmes in the destination)
  • Calm H down after he has realised that his best friend HP won’t be at the wedding.
  • Say ‘Yes’ or ‘no’ as H asks will X Y or Z be there of everyone he has ever known or met.
  • Nag husband again about the sat nav.
  • Say a quiet prayer to the angels of good behaviour that there will be no meltdowns and everyone will be happy.
  • Plan the morning of the wedding with military precision.
  • Remember to get clothes on at the last minute to avoid baby spit up / drool.
  • Bribe H with ice cream and reward chart stickers for good behaviour. Bad parent.
  • Take a moment to contemplate if I have forgotten anything and have I covered every eventuality.
  • Paint nails and wish I had the time and money to get them done at the salon.
  • Get a new DVD for H to keep him quiet whilst I do my hair and makeup. Bad parent.
  • Screw it I’m drinking.


Daddy’s To Do List 

  • Pick out shirt and tie.
  • Iron shirt.
  • Program Sat Nav (wife keeps nagging me about it).
  • Tell the wife to chill out. (she seems really stressed for some reason).
  • Watch 20 you tube videos on how to fold a pocket square.




Claire Kirby

14 Comments on Mummy V’s Daddy in the war of the To Do Lists

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  2. Add in:
    – study two dresses contemplating whether to go for the safe, flattering but potentially mumsy one, or the more fashionable but potentially hideously unflattering causing people to look over your should embarrassedly one
    – try to time journey with nap time, end up running later with an overtired baby who is past the point of no return
    – punch husband when he cheerfully claps his hands and says ‘Right, have we got everything then?’

  3. Yep this could be my house, except add to my list:
    Find OH’s suit from where he dumped it last, take it to dry cleaners, pick up from dry cleaners, find tie, wash and iron shirt. Remind him of time of wedding and tell him what time he needs to be back from work to have a shower.

  4. Brilliant! It’s amazing how many thoughts women have and how quickly we have to think. Hope you had a lovely time at the wedding and that you didn’t need too many outfit changes for the little one! #thelist x

  5. Don’t men have it SOOO MUCH easier than we do. Your list sounds like what my list would be and Mr P for sure. It’s just not fair but seems its the way of the world isn’t it. Great post. Have fun! Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again soon. #sharewithme

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