When lock down first started I found myself suffering with lock down envy. There was lots of talk of people being able to do all the things they never have time for normally. Individuals starting new hobbies and realising ambitions from their own four walls. All amazing lock down achievements.

Between taking care of the kids, trying to provide some home-school for them, and working, I have found myself with very little spare time. The spare time I have is normally at 9pm, by which time I am too exhausted to feel enthused to paint the gloss work, read a book without falling asleep, or start a paint by numbers picture.

I was jealous of the people who had time on their hands. Even though logically I know for these people there are a lot of worries around job security.

So in a bid to feel more positive I decided to focus on the things I have achieved during lock down, rather than the very long list of things that I haven’t. So here are my lock down achievements…

lock down achievements

1 Renovated my garden

Removed the old decking and lowered the awkward drain cover. Laid a new patio, installed artificial grass, built a seating area with storage, and painted the fences. Of course all of this was done in my head because I have neither the time or the materials to pull off such a project right now. But at least I have a plan and a Pinterest board!

2 Sorted my kitchen cupboards

The plus side of struggling to get an online delivery and not really wanting to go out to the shops, combined with having to kids at home that are always hungry, means I have loads more room in my cupboards! It turns out when there is no other choice they will eat the cereal bars that they claimed were disgusting. The hula hoops that have been hanging around for six months have finally gone. When all else failed they ate cereal and rid me of all those big boxes. My cupboards are very tidy and I didn’t lift a finger!

Incidentally all Easter eggs have been consumed in record time. All that’s left are the white chocolate ones. I mean who likes white chocolate????

3 Finally watched the 35 episodes of 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown on my planner.

Of course we watched Tiger King first. But during the first stages of lock down I found myself feeling sad if I watched anything that resembled ‘normal’ life (Joe Exotic is far removed from normal). And too terrified to watch anything that could possibly reflect life in the new normal. So 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown it was. We even had a very rock and roll Saturday night where we picked up pen and paper and joined in. I won (just in case you were wondering).

I’m pleased to say that as the new normal starts to feel more normal, I have been able to resume old viewing habits. We watched Contagion the other night. I might even try Outbreak next. And on the plus side I now have loads more room on my planner!

4 Completed a 1000 piece Jigsaw puzzle

A lock down achievement that I am not planning on doing again for approximately 24 years. But we did it.

5 Spent more time talking to friends and family than I do in real life!

We are always complaining that we don’t see our friends and family enough. And with our nearest and dearest spread out across the country, and the globe, logistically seeing each other can be a nightmare. We’ve socialised with them more in the last 4 weeks than we do in a year. Over Zoom of course. But we’ve had some really fun evenings, and questioned why we weren’t doing this before.

We are having a curry night with our neighbours across the road tomorrow night via Zoom. We can literally wave to each other from our living room windows!

I’ve always preferred a night in to a night out. But I feel like I am becoming a social butterfly in my own home!

6 We’ve not killed each other


As for the rest of the family…

I’ve challenged the Husband to learn the words to Bare Naked Ladies ‘One Week’. Learning the words isn’t so much of a problem. Delivering them at the speed required in the song is highly amusing to watch.

My 10 year old has challenged himself to learn Japanese. So far he has learnt to say his name. Which incidentally is exactly the same, just delivered in a mildly offensive accent!

And my six year old has learnt to ride Daddy’s hover-board on his knees, and spin really really fast, in an effort to give Mummy more grey hairs which she has no means of covering right now.

How about you? What are your lock down achievements?

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