At the end of this week the big one turns seven.  All the standard cliches apply, time flies etc.  Mainly I’m thinking WTF!  How do I have a seven year old?  Living with a six year old has been interesting.  There’s been a lot of highs and a lot of lows, but not much in the middle!

Here’s six observations I have made about living with ‘Six’…

1 Opinions

The creature known commonly as ‘Six’ has developed a strong set of opinions since he evolved from the common five year old.  These opinions are very black and white in nature, and are steadfast.  Six is happy to give these opinions to anyone, relatives or complete strangers.  The effect of all these opinions is that Six can become very argumentative if his opinions and what he deems as ‘right’ are disagreed with by ANYONE. These arguments are often shouted, and closed with statements like, “Well you’re not the boss of me”. 

2 Drama

Parents of threenagers be warned.  You thought toddlers had a penchant for the theatricals.  They’ve got nothing on Six.  Six can be happy and proclaim that this is “The best day ever.”  All though when angered six can often be heard saying “this is the worst day of my life”.  These two statements can be heard within the same day, in fact they have been known to occur within the same hour.  Six has been known on one of the “worst days of his life” to declare, “I’m not part of this family anymore” and storm upstairs to pack a bag.  Although owners of six might find this mildly amusing, it might also be advisable to hide the keys.

3 The Big World

Although the world very much revolves around Six, they are beginning to understand more about the big wide world and the differences between people.  Status among peers is earned by being the eldest, the tallest, or the cleverest.  The criteria for the latter is normally based on knowledge of Ninjago characters.  Six’s understanding of the big wide world is still somewhat limited and you may find yourself wondering around the playground looking for a Chinese child that they want to invite for tea, only to discover that child is in fact Polish.

4 Independence

Six is known to test out their big boy shoes and exert a fierce streak of independence. This is normally in the form of wanting to do something that there is no way on this earth you are letting them do until they are at least eighteen ten.  This independence leads to yet more arguments, many centered around how to brush your teeth properly.  Most of these arguments require you to say “no” at least 27 times, and all are closed with the infamous catchphrase of Six, “It’s not fair.”  Six has developed a skill known in the parenting world as ‘boundary pushing’ and they will practice this at every opportunity to exert their independence.  Add to the mix their bargaining skills and talent for whinging and whining and it’s a recipe for midweek drinking. 

5 Questions

The who, what, where, why, when questions of former years have been replaced with more complex questions that often require the use of google or tactical dodging.  Six has just as many questions as an inquisitive three year old, but is far less accepting of the answers. “Mummy and Daddy had a special cuddle” is not going to cut it.

6 Stubbornness

Along with Six’s inability to accept they may be wrong, comes a stubbornness to test the steeliest of parenting nerves.  So strong is Six’s stubborn streak that previous tried and tested methods of parenting such as bribery and threats no longer have the desired effect and the parent of Six can be left feeling somewhat lacking in the skills department.  It is now that the parent finds themselves regurgitating the words of their own mothers such as, “Wait until your father gets home” and dying inside a little.


It’s not all bad.  Six is also brilliantly funny and entertaining, they make an awesome coffee and cake date, and they still love a snuggle on the sofa and a bedtime kiss.


An infographic about being six


For my chatterbox.  You are brilliant, funny, and insanely stubborn.  We love you to the moon and back.  Have a brilliant birthday. xxx


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Claire Kirby

18 Comments on Living With Six

  1. Ahh loved reading that. As an owner of 2 tweenagers (7 and 9years) it’s always so reassuring to read a post about this age group. I love a cryptic question like – How many pairs of scissors are there in the world? Even Google put its hands up and admitted it didn’t know! So true about the best/worst day EVER in the space of an afternoon!!! #FridayFrolics

  2. Loved this, possibly because I have a six year old too 🙂 Mine also insists on asking questions that she already knows the answer to, just so she can correct your answer… smart ass! #FridayFrolics

  3. And I thought 5 was bad….I’m giggling at the things that are funny now but in just under 12 months I’ll be in your shoes and it probably wont be so funny!

  4. Happy Birthday Big Boy! Let’s see what surprises you have in store for your mum this year;)
    Useful piece Claire… will remember your words for the future (I’m still dealing with a threenager!!!). Linked up a birthday-themed post in keeping with the flow!
    And wow, he wants to be a writer like his mum:)

  5. Ah I love it! Cracked up about the Chinese/Polish child. One of my nieces is this age and has definitely suddenly developed an encyclopaedic knowledge of EVERYTHING. It got kind of annoying when we were all on holiday and she kept dispensing advice on how I should look after my son #FridayFrolics

  6. Awww this is lovely and funny! I will say, from my experience (of a mother of a 7 year-old) that the arguing gets worse, as does the belief that are always right and you are wrong. However, mine is 7 going on 17!

  7. I love the sound of someone making me a coffee!!! I’m looking forward to my son growing up but funny how each stage has the challenges. I have pretty good google skills but will have to practice tactical dodging. Thanks for hosting! #fridayfrolics.

  8. Ha ha, I love all the phrases that you describe and how your boy can turn in a moment. Love your last line which is really poignant and lovely. How wonderful to be this age and not have to worry in the way grown ups do. Happy birthday to your boy #fridayfrolics

  9. My mum and dad always tell the story of my brother when he got Lego for his 6th birthday. When he opened it he screamed ‘this is worst birthday ever and I will never forgive you’ and spent the rest of the day in his room. Needless to say he ended up loving the Lego but he obviously had his heart set on something else! #fridayfrolics

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