Unless you’ve been under a rock you will have heard about Luther by now. The BBC (also on Netflix) drama starring Idris Elba as Police Detective John Luther in the Serious & Serials division. Basically he catches all the psychos. If you have been under a rock, may I suggest you stay under it because life after Luther ain’t pretty.

A quick warning, this post does contain spoilers.

Life after Luther

The husband and I binge watched Luther. All five series. We finished about three weeks ago. I am still suffering from the Luther effect. You know that feeling that someone is staring at you, that makes your back go a bit tingly. I’ve had that for three weeks now!

We watched some of the episodes whilst we were away on a mini break. Staying in an unfamiliar apartment with strange noises. It had an underground car park. And our allocated space was next to a wall. I had to wait for the husband to drive the car out of the space before I could get in. And I spent the entire wait looking over my shoulder and muttering for him to hurry up, because we all know serious shit goes down in underground car parks.

For me the worst episode was the one with the hider. I had nightmares after that one. And the man who licked that woman’s face. Blergh!

Life after Luther.  Dark menacing image of someone in a hoody on a dark night.  You cannot see their face.

Signs you are suffering from the Luther Effect

If you are suffering from the Luther effect, chances are you have done one or all (I’ve totally done all of them) of the following…

  • Thought you were being followed when walking down the road.
  • Shit yourself when the cat pushes your bedroom door open.
  • Cancelled your smart metre installation in case the guy is a psycho.
  • Checked under your bed before you to sleep. Then made your partner check too.
  • Checked the back seat of your car before you get in (to be fair I did that before Luther).
  • Not ordered anything form Amazon so you don’t have to answer the door to a stranger.
  • Avoided going anywhere alone after dark.
  • Sat on the lower deck of the bus!
  • Eyed your loft hatch with suspicion.
  • Been scared to open your wardrobe.
  • Cancelled going somewhere because the car needs petrol and you are never going to a petrol station ever again.
  • Deleted your ebay account.
  • Been beeped at by another car when you didn’t notice the lights had gone green because you were to busy looking for serial killers in your rear view mirror.
  • Made your partner go in the house first.
  • Consider all strangers to be axe wielding psychopaths.
Life after Luther.  Image of inside a bus taken from the back seat looking down the length of the bus.

Victim Impact Statements from those living life after Luther

I am not crazy. The Luther effect is real people. Here are some other victims and their life after Luther experiences.

Scared the pants off me. I don’t think I’ll ever get on a night bus ever again. The Incidental Parent

I needed to get a suitcase down from the loft and wouldn’t go near my loft, so ended up using a rucksack I had in my wardrobe! Even now if I hear a noise from the direction of the loft (or I assume it is from the loft) I have a mild panic attack! A Mothers Ramblings

I have learnt many Luther Life Lessons….never trust a man in a hoody, never trust a couple with a basement, never go on a night bus, never sit in a dark park and never sell your fridge on Ebay. Finally, never work with Luther because you will probably end up dead. I now have an irrational fear of therapists and surgeons too. Island Living 365  

My friend sold a bookcase on a Facebook selling site. I insisted she leave it outside with a note, turn off all her lights and pretend she wasn’t in when they came to collect it! She did it! Also I’m never going on a bus again.

All about a Mummy

I watched the the first series and was too scared to watch any more. Was thinking of all the ways I could be murdered . Digital Motherhood

I woke up at 3am the other morning and convinced myself the man in the mask was crawling around the side of the bed! Dave was away and I had no suitable weapon to hand so it took me a good half an hour for my rational self to regain control so I could fall asleep again! Pink Pear Bear

Life after Luther

I just watched all the episodes within the last two weeks and I love horrors and thrillers etc and don’t scare easy with them ! This has scared the life out of me , I’m checking round the house before bed , I’ve had nightmares and I’m looking at random people on buses etc wondering if they are a serial killer. Ankle Biters Adventures

I’m completely paranoid when it comes to taxis I made my husband come out and pick me up from the train station the other night with both kids because I didn’t want to get a taxi. I was telling him all about what kind of psycho could be driving one and he was all concerned asking if I’d seen it on the news! When I told him no it was on an episode of Luther he wasn’t as impressed!

Soph Obsessed

I’m suspicious/scared of anyone called Alice! Twinderelmo

We were late to the party so watched 3 seasons in the space of two weeks. I loved it but I was a wreck!! Couldn’t walk to nursery without suspecting every taxi driver or passerby of being a danger! Hi Baby Blog

It’s basically ruined my life. I actually got out of my shower the other day – mid shampoo – because I was convinced I could hear someone rattling the front door and ran, dripping water through the entire house, cowering in my back garden in a towel ready to leap over the fence to next door for help. I had some kind of epiphany stood there, shivering in -1 temperatures, that maybe me and shows like Luther don’t mix! Five Little Doves

We are now 5 weeks post Luther binge and I can confirm I am no longer scared to open my wardrobe…but still fear my weekly Ocado delivery and check under my bed .


Cried on the phone to Steve about the loft not looking closed; genuinely believed someone was trying to strangle me from the back seat of my car (it was my scarf); thought the man in the gym was contemplating killing me later that evening. Jade

I was too scared to sit on the top deck of a bus after watching the last series!!! A few weeks later I faced my fears and I survived 😂 I did keep checking behind me though. Natalie

life after Luther.  A dark room with door ajar

What now?

Basically we are all too scared to walk anywhere, but we can’t get a bus or a taxi, or drive our cars. And if we stay home we are scared someone is hiding in the loft, and we are too scared to answer the door to anyone. That pretty much leaves us curled up in the fetal position in the corner.

So I think life after Luther is life, just not as we know it! I’m still waiting for the Luther effect to end and wondering why there hasn’t been some kind of support group set up!


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Claire Kirby

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  1. As someone who watched all the series as they came out I can confirm you do regain (most) normal sense of rationality in Life after Luther… eventually. Although there will be one or two particularly harrowing points that will never quite leave you. It must be a good 5 years or more since I watched the episode where the woman lies in bed and her husband’s head comes through the ceiling after he goes to check the loft and it is honestly still my greatest fear to this day. Sometimes in bed at night I will randomly think about that scene and a very real fear grips me again. And I will never let my husband go into the loft at night.

    Still, Luther is one of the best things ever. Terrifying, but utterly brilliant!

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