Back when our household consisted of me and the husband, I used to have a laundry day. Two loads on a Saturday between pottering around the house and going out for a bit of lunch and some retail therapy.  Now that two have become four, every day is laundry day, and it’s a never ending cycle of problems.

I remember being heavily pregnant and excitedly washing lots of teeny tiny baby vests and sleep-suits ready for my new arrival.  Little did I know that that was the start of the laundry day problems.

laundry day problems

Laundry Day Problems: The Volume

I don’t remember the last time I saw the bottom of the laundry bin.  I’m not even sure it exists. Not only do the boys get through clothes faster than they inhale cheese-balls, but I wash my clothes more now too. Mainly because the toddler has smeared jammy fingers or snot over me.  

And woe betide getting behind.  The annual holiday or being taken down by the flu reeks havoc with the laundry system.  This year both of these occurred within weeks of each other and it got to the point where I seriously considered giving up and just going and buying us all new clothes!

Laundry Day Problems: Pockets

It doesn’t matter how many times I say, “Empty your pockets before you put your clothes in the wash”.  It doesn’t matter that I check all the pockets myself.  Something all ways slips through the net and goes rouge in my washing machine.  Stones, bank cards, fidget spinners, Lego.  It’s all been through the wash.  But by far the worst offender, the one that makes me mutter all the bad words… Tissue! 

Laundry Day Problems: Stains

When you become a parent you acquire a new life skill.  Being able to tell a stain from 100 paces!  Strawberries, yogurts, bolognese, and cemented weet-a-bix.  You will be well acquainted with stain removal products, and have your technique honed.  You also know when it’s time to give up and retire the item of clothing (some poonamis are best dealt with by burning the clothes!)  If your child is about to start school in September, may I advise that you buy however many packs of T-shirts that you think you need, then but a few more, then buy a couple more for good measure.  I promise they will all be used.  And abused!

Laundry Day Problems: Socks

We are all familiar with the conscious uncoupling of socks when they enter the washing machine.  But my problem has gone beyond missing pairs.  As the only female in my house, my underwear is pretty easy to identify.  But as for my boys and the husbands? The older they get the harder it becomes to identify whose sock is whose.  It’s just going to have to become one giant sock free for all in our house.

Laundry Day Problems: Tumble Drying Accidents

Confession:  When my youngest was a newborn and I was very sleep deprived, I tumble dried an entire load of dirty washing meant for the wash cycle.  That may or may not be the reason one of my husbands jumpers now fits my seven year old!  

Laundry Day Problems: Drying

I don’t use our washing line very often.  Due in part to the UK weather, and part to suffering really badly with hay fever (they advise you not to hang your clothes outside to dry). Therefore my landing is always home to the airer and clothes drying.  Quite often I hear the familiar ping as the airer collapses under the weight of too may clothes.  If I could design my own home, there would be a room just for laundry.  Is that sad?!

Laundry Day Problems: Sickness Bugs

Until that golden parenting milestone where your kid finally learns to throw up in the sick bowl, sickness bugs mean your washing machine will be doing some serious overtime. You might also find yourself having to do an emergency shopping trip for new bed sheets when you run out. Just me?

Laundry Day Problems: The Teddy Bear Wash

It might be a teddy bear or a special blanket, but at some point your child’s most loved possession, the one they simply cannot sleep without, in fact can barely function without, will have to go through the wash before it becomes a health hazard.  In some instances slightly after it has become a health hazard when you have had to prize it from your weeping child’s arms.  Oh the worry.  Can you get it washed and dried before bedtime? What if it doesn’t survive the wash and bear comes out minus an ear?

laundry day problems

Laundry Day Problems: Breakdowns

A washing machine breakdown is a code red emergency in our house.  I either need it fixed in the next 24 hours, or we’re all becoming nudists.


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laundry day problems

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Laundry Day Problems


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Claire Kirby

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  1. I so hear you on all the laundry problems. I swear no matter how much pockets are checked some thing still gets in there. The best one yet… I heard this terrible noise coming from my washing machine that sounded like it had met its death. It was a FORK caught between the drum and the door. Like how did that even get in there?

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