The husband often says that my brain never switches off.  He’s not wrong.  My catchphrase is ‘I must remember that…’  Well that and “please watch where you are going.”

It’s a constant buzz of activity going on up there.  Mostly it’s a never-ending to do list interspersed with thoughts of chocolate and Gerard Butler, and occasionally distracted by a climbing toddler or a pretty handbag. 

For example:

This is what is going on in my head right now…


  • I still haven’t replied to that party invite for the big one.
  • The big one needs a haircut.
  • I can’t believe the little one is 2 in 5 weeks.
  • 5 weeks!  I need to buy some presents and organise something!
  • Crap I haven’t sorted Mothers Day gifts yet.
  • Need to post that Birthday card.
  • Is the little one due to have his feet measured?
  • Ohhh that would be the perfect colour for our bedroom.
  • I must tell the husband what the big one said today, it was so funny.
  • What was it he said again?
  • What was that about world book day. (Breaks out in a cold sweat)
  • Don’t forget to turn the slow cooker on.
  • We need milk.
  • Am I the only one in this house that cleans the chopping board after using it?
  • I bet Gerard Butler would clean the chopping board after using it.
  • Does the big one need his library book today?


And that’s just the home stuff!  There’s a whole other section whirring away with work stuff.


must remember that


If your brain activity resembles mine, check out the Must Remember That app.  It’s free, simple and quick to use and free’s up all that space in your brain for more thoughts of Gerard Butler.


I Must Remember That

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I absolutely did not* waste 15 minutes looking at pictures of Gerard Butler for this post.


*I definitely did.


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Claire Kirby

3 Comments on I Must Remember That

  1. Oh yes, I have lists EVERYWHERE of the things I must remember! I’m forever writing things down on the back of an envelope or even the back of my hand, and I still forget everything! I blame baby brain, even though my youngest is coming up for two. When you’ve had five babies that’s a serious amount of brain cells to have depleted! #fridayfrolics

  2. The amount of stuff I forget on a daily basis is astonishing. I’ve been reading a mindfulness book trying to train myself to pay less attention to the randomness of my brain by just focussing on what’s happening right now instead. which is all very well but I keep forgetting to do stuff and we have no food in the house. ooops.

  3. An app to replace my memory! Genius! I am a list writer, but sometimes I look at my list and I don’t even remember what some of it means, let alone whether I have done it or not… :/
    x Alice

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