It’s official, my thirties are very rapidly coming to an end.  Next month I will enter my forties.  At the beginning of this year the thought of turning forty was not a pleasant one.  But now I am seeing the good things about getting older and I am ready to embrace the next phase of my life.

things about getting older


I’m lucky that I am the generation that got to experience vinyl records, cassette tapes and CD’s.  And I’m still young enough to understand downloads and digital streaming!

If I can use a smart phone now, I’ll still be able to when I’m in my sixties, right?


I have life experience to base my views and opinions on.  And I’m old enough for people to take my opinions seriously.  Most of the time.  Not everyone agrees with me that for all we know dinosaurs could have been hot pink coloured with purple spots.


Whilst the grey hairs and laughter lines are not welcome, I am happy that peer pressure is a thing of the past.  Do you remember when dungarees were fashionable in the nineties?  I was desperate for a pair.  All my mates had them.  They looked cute, trendy and like they should be on the cover of Mizz magazine.  Me?  I looked like a clown.  I must have tried on a hundred pairs, but every single goddamn one made me look like I was about to produce some balls and start juggling. 

Nowadays if a fashion doesn’t suit me, I don’t mind.  And lets face it, if me and my mates all turned up wearing the same thing now, people would think we were on a hen do.


I have tons of embarrassing photos of my friends and I doing fashion shoots and posing up a storm, but they were never plastered all over social media. 

I’ve never has to judge my worth by how many friends I had, or how many people had liked the last selfie I posted.

When social media took off I was old enough and wise enough to use it.  I also remember the simpler time when it wasn’t the be all and end all.

I enjoy social media, but I am so glad it wasn’t around when I was a teenager.  It was bad enough that after a stranger dumped a strawberry milkshake on my head in McDonald’s, that I was called Strawberry for a year at school.  Can you imagine if that moment had been captured and shared online!  

In case you are wondering, she said it was because I had been giving her evils.  I hadn’t even seen her until she accused me.  I had to go home on the bus.  And to add insult to injury, it was MY milkshake that she poured over my head.


I feel grateful that there are some fantastic role models out there for me.  I can look to the women who are in already in their forties for inspiration, not to mention the many amazing women proving there is life after fifty.   Miley Cyrus doesn’t shock me because I was there when Madonna paved the way.  People like Ellen Degeneres taught me about acceptance and courage.  Sara Cox and Zoe Ball were independent women way before the Spice Girls gave us girl power.

And I thank my lucky stars every day that I do not have to keep up with the Kardashians.

things about getting older

So there we have it.  There are good things about getting older.  And as my husband always says.  “You’re only a day older than you were yesterday”.

Plus it’s an excuse to celebrate and drink Prosecco.  And that’s another of the good things about getting older; I’ve already learnt my alcohol limits and tested them to the max.  

Let’s just not mention the hangover.

What are your pro’s about getting older?

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Claire Kirby

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  1. Nearly 40 is a great age to be. I’ll be 40 next year.
    I am so glad that social media wasn’t a thing when I was a teen. I dread to think what could have happened. Eek!
    I love being at an age where I am looked up to but can still act like a child if I want to. hehehe

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