So although you and I have long known that baby brain is a real condition causing embarrassment and shame to Mum’s everywhere, now top London scientists have claimed the condition to be real.

I would like to suggest to the top London Scientist people that further research needs to be conducted into the condition known as ‘Mumnesia’ which develops shortly after baby brain subsides.

But in honour of those clever clogs scientists I’ve brought together a whole host of shocking, funny, and toe curling baby brain fails from other bloggers.  I’ve previously shared mine which includes an insightful tale about what happens if you put some eggs onto boil and forget about them, you can read about in baby brain fails

It seems that baby brain fails fall under distinct categories: Cooking, Cars, Clothes, Keys and Misplacement.


Baby Brain Fails


Baby Brain Fails: Cooking

Whilst I was pregnant with my second, I decided to make some Creme brûlée. When they were ready I opened the over door and just pulled the oven tray out with no glove on at all. Ouch!!! Kerry Louise Norris

When my daughter was a couple of months old, we invited my mum and step dad over for ‘brunch’. They didn’t have long as they had other plans for the afternoon, so I got everything prepped, stuck it in the oven and settled down in the living room with everyone to enjoy a cuppa. The timer goes off, I go to serve up and realise the cooker had been turned off at the wall, it hadn’t even been on! Safe to say they left hungry! Tattooed Tealady

When you put the chicken in the oven for your first roast post baby….go to check on it 45 minutes later and find you didn’t turn the damn oven on!!! Or when you pour breast milk into your husbands coffee instead of his usual soya milk, and stay quiet hoping he doesn’t notice. Miracle Max

Baby Brain Fails


I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve started a cup of tea and then find it one hour later next to the kettle untouched and forgotten about.  Lylia Rose

I remember one particular day (I think I was about to pop), I poured milk into the pan to fry my egg, and then, realising my mistake, I went to get a towel to try and soak up the milk and rescue the egg, but forgetting on the way and, instead went outside to hang up the clothes. Came back to some congealed black mess in the frying pan that had caught fire. I could have burned the house down.  Motherhood Diaries

The worst must be when I’ve tried to make coffee but haven’t remembered to boil the water first. It is the worst because you really need all the coffee you can get when a mum! Wave to Mummy

In a complete baby brain / frazzled mum moment I left the gas on after cooking something, then rushed to get a bottle sterilised for a crying baby.   I put the steriliser on the on hob (not realising it was on) which then melted the steriliser and ruined the bottles inside. Not to mention nearly causing a fire. Surrey Mama


Baby Brain Fails: Cars

Giving my two year old the car keys. When she was in the car. Of course she locked it and utter panic/chaos ensued all while she blissfully sat there happily playing with said keys. The local recovery were called and on their way to us – just as she decided to magically click unlock.  Twinderelmo

I got the twins out of the car to go shopping when they were babies and left all the car doors wide open! Nobody closed them, so came back half an hour later with them still wide open.   Truly madly Cuckoo

I made a very expensive mistake! I put petrol in a diesel car! I had been driving the car well over a year and had never done it before. I made it home, didn’t think anything of it, slept and went to drive it the next morning. It bunny hopped down the road so we pulled over, and walked back to house, hubby said strange the only reason it would do that is it there was petrol or water in the tank…and thats when it dawned on me. Call to AA, drained tank and £200 later my car was working again.  Two Hearts One Roof

I have gone into my local town by car and walked back by foot, getting home to think, ‘where is my car?’ Only to realise in still in the car park.  Twice! Close Enough to Kiss


Baby Brain Fails: Clothes

How about the time when I left the house with no trousers on when pregnant? Even put on my shoes etc but didn’t notice. Only realised when I was out in the street thinking it felt rather chilly, only to look down and realise I was stood in my t-shirt, knickers and flip flops! Tippytupps

I drove to Tesco and got half way round the store before I realised I had my slippers on! Wouldn’t have been so bad but they were fluffy ones with bunny ears on that I’d been given for Christmas! Mum On a Mission

Baby brain Fails

When we first started potty training I forgot to put a nappy back on Henry and headed out to the supermarket. Suddenly I noticed a leaking from the trolley and upon further investigation I realised my epic fail! Soph-obsessed

I put a new top on this morning, did the shopping and visited the doctors to suddenly realise that the price tag was hanging out the top at the back.  What The Kids Wore

I once drove 13 miles down the road before realising I didn’t have any shoes on. Five Little Doves


Baby Brain Fails: Keys

When I was pregnant with my eldest I went to work leaving the front door unlocked, with the keys in the outside of the lock and only realised when I got home from work 8 hours later and couldn’t find my house keys! Thankfully we weren’t burgled.  Toby Goes Bananas

I shut the keys to the house…in the house. Naturally right at school run time and I had to climb through a first floor window and essentially break into my own flat. I got my arse stuck and my fiancé had to literally shove me in Winnie the Pooh style. Gee Gardner

I once went out for a full afternoon and left the door wide open. Luckily it was down the side of the house and no one noticed! Mumzilla

baby brain fail


Baby Brain Fails: Misplacement

When my daughter was a month or so old my son came home with the class bear ( you’re feeling my pain already, I’m sure) Obviously we had to put something interesting and exciting in the bears diary. So off we went – me, 5 yo son, new baby and class bear to Bridlington for the day. We parked in Park and Ride and got the bus to the harbour. Off we get at the harbour and make our way down to look at boats. There’s me thinking ” this is easy , baby’s asleep, little boy happy with boats and promise of chips “…. oh crap , I have left class bear on the Park and Ride bus. Family Travel With Ellie

I was on the phone when pregnant to my mum and trying to leave the house at the same time. I got really huffy and stressed as I found my keys but not my phone. Looked everywhere for about 10 mins when my mum asked what I was looking for. The penny then dropped that I was ON the phone to her.  Sophie’s Nursery

I searched high and low in the office for my banana for my mid morning snack, convinced I brought it to work. Then I realised I’d already eaten it about half and hour ago!  This is Me Now

I put a nappy in the wash last week. The goey gel stuff was EVERYWHERE.  Queen Mummy

I emptied a full potty into the kitchen bin instead of the toilet once. Thank goodness I wasn’t in the middle of cooking at the time! Little Hearts Big Love

Putting a plastic maraca and a tambourine in the microwave steriliser to sanitise after getting a pile of musical instruments off a second hand site. Yes they melted, not only that somehow the microwave didn’t blow up. The tambourine had metal bells. New Mummy Blog


And finally, because we’ve all been there…

I was in a lift arguing at the buttons because it kept opening and not taking me down….I was pressing 1 instead of G.  I was there about ten minutes until someone asked me the problem and I ranted to them that I had a new baby and the lift wasn’t working.  They sorted it for me without making me feel like a fool which was nice!  Just Average Jen

I got my kids up dressed ready for school, and when I got there it was an end of the holidays inset day. Oops. Baby Budgeting

Walking around London’s banking district waiting for a meeting with an attorney, when an hour and 20 mins after you last fed your baby, who is fast asleep in a sling, and a woman in the post office catches your eye and points to her chest. You look down and see your breast still hanging out the side of the sling. Diary of a First Child


What’s your worst baby brain fail?  Confess all in the comments.  No judging, just ridicule. 😉 


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  1. I was once frantic, literally a mess, looking for my oldest, who was about two at the time. She was fastened safely in the becko, TO ME! Yes, I was wearing her. Goodness… #FridayFrolics xoxo

  2. LMAO these are fantastic!

    I don’t think we ever recover from this ailment. Or so I tell myself when I put a can of soda or sour cream into the microwave. The struggle is real!

  3. Only yesterday I left my front door unlocked and my handbag outside. It’s been four years! FOUR YEARS. I didn’t need a scientist to tell me that baby brain is very really. I need a cure for it.

  4. These are so good, thanks for including me! My friend had a brilliant one – she once thought her car was broken when about to drive off to work. She put it into gear and accelerated, but nothing happened. She tried again, nothing. She couldn’t work out what was wrong. She jumped out her car and flagged down her hubby who was also off to work. He checked the car. Turned out she hadn’t turned the key to start the car!!

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