It’s been a while since I wrote to you.  26 years in fact.  Sorry, I sort of lost my way with the whole ‘believing‘ thing.  I should never have doubted you really, I mean you gave me my most loved doll, Amy.  And who else could have possibly known how much I wanted her?  It must have been a coincidence that one time when I saw you putting the stocking at the end of my bed, that you looked remarkably like my Dad.

Dear Santa


Anyway, I do hope you are keeping well and staying warm in the North Pole.

I have been a really good girl this year.  Apart from that one party where a bottle of wine somehow disappeared remarkably quickly, and my husband had to pull over on the way home so I could errr get some air.  Not my finest moment, but I don’t get out much these days and the excitement was all a bit too much.  I certainly paid my penance for it the next day.

Since I haven’t asked for anything for quite a few years I’m hoping you won’t mind if I request something kind of big.  You see in the last six years I have become a frequent inhabitant of my Kitchen.  To be honest I never spent much time in there before, and the most used drawer was the one with the take-away menus.  Only now I seem to spend most of my time in there lovingly preparing meals that are either thrown on the floor or smothered in tomato ketchup.

I’ve become a bit of a voyeur or other people’s kitchens.  I don’t know if you know Kirsty and Phil? But they often show up in my living room and get me all excited about worktops and open plan living.  I find myself lusting over larder style cupboards, and I can often be found wondering dreamily around Ikea’s kitchen showroom.  My kitchen fantasies are becoming so elaborate that it is now not enough just to have a new kitchen, I now want to extend our house so I can have a huge light and airy kitchen with VELUX blinds and a breakfast bar.

I know it’s a big ask Santa, really I do.  I’m quite happy to wait until the January sales if it makes life easier.  But seeing as I have asked for something so big, I might as well go all in.  If you can arrange for my dream kitchen, please can you also arrange for myself and the kids to stay in a nice hotel whilst all the work is being done.  I love my husband very very much, but in our house the words D.I.Y often go together with D.I.V.O.R.C.E.  I would hate to have to write to next year and ask you for a new one. Husband that is.


Yours hopefully,





P.S  If you can’t manage the new kitchen, a date with Gerard Butler is next on my list.  That, or a leather Orla Kiely bag.


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My letter to father chrismas with the ultimate gift that I have been lusting over.  Is a fitted kitchen too much to ask for?


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