Last month Big got the Chickenpox.  I would love to tell you that we all coped brilliantly with a week of confinement in chickenpox isolation, that there was much baking and crafts and we all thoroughly enjoyed each others company.  It didn’t exactly happen that way… 

the chickenpox house

Day One in the Chickenpox House

Mummy is awoken at an ungodly hour by a messy haired child informing her he has spots on his tummy.  Mummy internally groans and drags her arse from her warm comfy bed to go and assess the situation.  There are indeed spots on the child’s tummy.  There are also spots on the child’s back and face.  Mummy wonders how the hell she is supposed to know if it is Chickenpox or some deadly virus.

Is it chickenpox?

The child is despatched back to his bedroom whilst Mummy refers to google.  Mummy feels quite sick after several google images.  Mummy calls the child back to her room to assess once more and ask questions regarding itchiness.  The child seems very pleased to learn he will not be going to school today and immediately asks if he can play on the wii. Mummy utters some “We’ll sees” and takes photographs of the offending spots.  “Do I have Chickenpox Mummy?” asks the child.  Mummy still doesn’t know, and thinks this is the kind of shit they should warn you about in the hospital before they allow you home with a baby.

Mummy sends the spot photos to Daddy, Nana, and her friend, for diagnosis.  Nana and her friend think it is indeed chickenpox.  Daddy is as clueless as Mummy.  Mummy cancels all plans for the week and wonders if there is enough Prosecco in the fridge to survive the captivity.

The rest of the day is spent counting spots, applying calamine lotion and ignoring all rules about screen time.

Day Two in the Chickenpox House

The child wants to go back to school.  Mummy explains 24 times why that is not possible. She issues the command “Don’t scratch” on average every 90 seconds, and hears the words “I’m bored” every 6 minutes.  The toddler has began launching himself off the sofa in an effort to release his pent up energy.  Mummy wonders if it is acceptable to take your child with the Chickenpox along to the emergency room to have his brother head stitched back together?

The day is rescued when Mummy suggests a disco in the lounge.  Mummy relives her childhood and teaches the kids Agado, The Birdie Song and Superman.

There is no food left in the house.

Day Three in the Chickenpox House

Chickenpox house

Mostly spent like this.  Mummy may have lost her shit.

Day Four in the Chickenpox House

The house has been deserted.  Mummy and the two children have escaped captivity and hot-footed it to Nana’s house for a change of scenery and some adult conversation.

The end is in sight as the spots have nearly all scabbed over. Mummy is happy until she remembers it’s sodding half term next week. 

Day Five in the Chickenpox House

The child has remembered that he was supposed to be doing his class assembly today. He demands to be taken to school so he can perform as he is not exactly the shy and retiring type. Mummy explains several times why that is not possible.  There is much shouting from the child and refusal to do anything unless he is taken to school.  The child cries.  Lots. Big sobs and lots of cuddles.

Mummy cheers the child up by suggesting they go and get a McDonald’s and thus looses all entitlement to mother of the year award.  The children are deliriously happy to be leaving the house again, even if it is just to go through the drive through.  Mummy gives in a buys donuts too just to keep them happy.

Day Six in the Chickenpox House

Daddy is home.  Mummy spends the day upstairs catching up on work and thoroughly enjoying the time to herself.

Day Seven in the Chickenpox House

The spots have all scabbed over.  Freedom!  Mummy plans a day outside of the house tomorrow.  She is giddy with excitement at the thought of leaving the four walls that have held them captive.

Mummy congratulates herself on surviving captivity and gets really drunk slightly tipsy that night once the children are in bed.

Day Eight in the Chickenpox House

The world seems to be conspiring against Mummy.  Plans for adventuring outside today have been cancelled due to Doris.  The storm, not the old lady. Mummy hopes things will brighten up in the afternoon.

Things do brighten up in the afternoon but Mummy is pinned to the sofa by a sleeping toddler who has a temperature.  Mummy is very suspicious and spends the rest of the day checking the toddler for spots.

Day Nine in the Chickenpox House 

Mummy gets the toddler dressed and discovers he is covered in spots. Mummy knows this time without a doubt or goggle that it is the Chicken-f@*#ing-pox.  She knows because the toddler resembles one of the google pictures that made her feel nauseous.  There are spots EVERYWHERE.  

Day Ten – Day Twelve in the Chickenpox House

The toddler is not happy with the current state of affairs.  He spends the days clinging to Mummy, crying and writing around.  He spends the nights clinging to Mummy, crying and writing around.

Mummy doesn’t know if she’s brushed her teeth, let alone what day of the week it is.  Sleep deprivation has caused Mummy to tumble dry the dry dirty laundry, and have a shower with her bra on.

Day Thirteen in the Chickenpox House

A new lotion works wonders on the toddler and finally the spots begin to look less angry, although the toddler’s big brother, the very one that gave him Chickenpox in the first place, refuses to touch him, and screams if the toddler goes anywhere near him.

Mummy begins to worry about scars and how long it will be before she can leave the house with the toddler without people crossing the road to avoid them.

Day Fourteen – Day Sixteen in the Chickenpox House

Mummy and the toddler climb the walls whilst the spots scab over.  16 days of confinement has taken it’s toll on Mummy and she wonders if she will require some rehabilitation to acclimatise to the outside world again.

Daddy is very pleased (read not at all pleased) because in the time Mummy has spent staring at the four walls she has planned a new decor for every room in the house, and submitted a very thorough and hard to argue with proposal as to why they should get a cat. Mummy also bought a lot of random crap from ebay which will be arriving in the next 5 – 7 days.


I apologise if you came to this post looking for useful information about Chickenpox.  I can tell you two things:

One: A seven year old with a moderate case of the Chicken pox is testing.  A toddler with a severe case of the Chickenpox is hell.

Two: Calamine lotion worked on Big but did nothing to help Little.  In the end we used Virasoothe on him which worked wonders.  It’s more expensive, but I would have paid anything to try and relieve his obvious discomfort.

In case you were wondering what Chickenpox looks like…

What does chickenpox look like

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Claire Kirby

13 Comments on Chickenpox Isolation Diary

  1. In fairness, I think the Chickenpox House still sounds more entertaining than the Big Brother House. I would particularly like to see Z List Celebrity Chicken Pox House.

    You SHOULD get a cat.

    I think you’re okay with Harry Styles. Cheryl Cole got herself knocked up by one of those kids, and that is definitely worse than what you were doing!

    I had chickenpox THREE times as a child. Immune after one, my arse!


  2. Oh no! I completely sympathise, we are dealing with the chicken pox hell as we speak, I have three down with it and with it being the school holidays, the kids aren’t enjoying being house bound at all!! I’m glad you survived it, I’m hoping we will! #fridayfrolics

  3. Mine got his last Easter Holidays. I was pregnant (first trimester) and spent the whole week stuck between concern for my five year old and anxiety that my baby might catch inutero chicken pox! Lol!

  4. Ugh…that looks just horrible. I remember getting it as a child. None of my kids have gotten it. I have to say this post made me laugh despite the terrible situation!

  5. Oh my goodness day 2 sounded like an time low, you were clearly losing your mind thinking that Harry Styles was sexy. But then you had another 14 days of it. Well done for surviving, I would have totally gone to pot and lost my shizzle. We still haven’t had chicken pox in our house. I am dreading this day #FridayFrolics

  6. Ugh poor, poor you! I too have often consulted Google’s visually-appealing guides to rashes and spots – they should really chuck one of those in with the birth certificates! #FridayFrolics

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