I’m an organised person. But there’s something about the kids going back to school after the Summer holidays that always puts me in a spin. Even when I start preparing by buying the t-shirts in July, at the end of August I start having the same panicked thoughts…

back to school panic

Back to school thoughts…

Where did I put the sodding labels?

Every year. Every year I think it will only take me an hour to label their stuff and here I am three hours later still doing it.

Oh crap! I haven’t washed the PE kit.

Does anyone actually label socks?

What do you mean your trousers don’t fit? They fitted you two weeks ago.

I don’t remember how to be up, washed, ready and fed by 8:30.

Shit! We need to do their Summer holiday homework.

I hope they like their new teachers.

How are they starting year (inert as appropriate) already?

I am so looking forward to a bit of routine again.

Oh God. School runs.

This year I am going to be super organised. Especially for dress up days. In fact I am going to be ready for World book Day in January, not sewing at midnight the day before. I say this every year.

My shopping bill is going to go down! I’m not sure they will survive without constant access to snacks.

The house will stay tidy!

*hums in head* Back to school, back to reality. (Who remembers Soul ll Soul?)

How long before the first letter about nits!

Rookie mistake not emptying the school bags on the last day. Blergh rotting satsuma.

Oh crap! Maths homework will begin again.

I have not missed Biff, Kip and Chip.

We probably should have read some Biff, Kip and Chip over the holidays.

We’ve had a lovely Summer holidays. Picnics, days out, baking, paddling pool, drawing, playing, Lego building, den building, lazy days, movie nights. But I bet when asked what they did, my kids are going to say “watched TV”. The teacher will judge me.

I don’t know if their coats still fit them.

The house is going to be so quiet. I’m going to be able to get so much work done. I can watch what I want on TV. No “Mummy?” every 5 seconds. No breaking up fights between the hours of 9 and 3. I can pee alone. I. CAN’T. WAIT.

I’m going to miss them.

Can you relate? Do you have the same back to school panic?

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