First time round I pureed and I mashed and I filled my freezer with tiny little pots of pulp.  My husband regularly took a day off work so I could be hands free in the kitchen all day making batches of baby food (lucky me). I spent half of one day just trying to cut a butternut squash, which is akin to a three hour gym session.  And why did I lovingly prepare all this wholesome pureed mush for my darling son?  Well so I could spoon feed him and watch him spit it all out and maul a bread stick instead of course.  Second time round I said no to all that shit.  We were taking the baby led weaning approach and saying no to the purees.


It has gone well.  I would highly recommend it.  Even though it takes the meaning of ‘mess’ to a whole new level.  And I’ve had 5 three-year olds over for a play date – at the same time.  Meal times are much simpler, although there maybe the odd argument over who has to sit next to the baby.  Although to be fair, he has a pretty good aim wherever you sit.

There are however a few definite things to avoid:

Baby Led Weaning: The Rules

Do not as the name suggests think that ‘baby’ is in charge and leading this thing.

By all means give them bits of finger foods to hold in their little paws and munch and rub into their hair. It’s part of the fun.  But if you want baby to be in charge and are willing to give them the Petits Filous and the spoon, then do so at your own risk.  Firstly we all know that Petits Filous is the ‘crack’ of the baby world.  As soon as they see that stuff they start opening and closing their mouths like a goldfish, grunting at you and clasping their hands in a Neanderthal ‘gimme gimme’ gesture.  But give the baby control and you can expect Petits Filous in your face.  And that’s best case scenario.  You will be amazed at baby’s hurling abilities when you find your walls adorned in splats of Petits Filous.  Not to mention the ceiling.

Baby Crack


Do not let them loose with food when a Grandparent is present (especially if that Grandparent has a heart condition)

Expect Nanas and Grannys to hover over baby taking lots of loud breath intakes and making comments such as “He’s got that whole thing in his mouth you know“.  Heaven forbid baby might cough, because it will be full on panic station at Grandparent central.  Expect them to need a cup of tea and a lie down after feeding time at the zoo.  Sorry Mum, but you were having kittens when we first started!

Do not eat away from the home

That might be taking it a bit far.  Give the fine dining a miss and stick to family friendly places.  But do choose where you sit very carefully.  Do not under any circumstances sit near to a very well dressed lady enjoying a quiet coffee.  And do not in any way misjudge your babies arm reach in relation to the proximity to the back of very well dressed lady’s chair and her very expensive looking coat.  Very well dressed lady didn’t seem too impressed with my apologies and baby wipes.

Do not clean the floor before you clean the baby

If you do you will need to wash your hair after baby reaches over to pat you on the head / grab a fistful of hair and pull.  Rookie mistake I know.  Dry shampoo is not going to cut it with half chewed banana.

high chair

Erm, there’s a little something on your face…

And my final no no…

Don’t over cook the broccoli

You’ll be finding that mashed up crap for weeks.  And it’s really hard to get out of baby’s ears.



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24 Comments on Baby Led Weaning – The Rules

  1. Love this!! Oh wow I can’t wait haha. I am laughing just imagining my parents too; they are definitely panickers when it comes to their grandchildren and I can picture them shouting ‘he’s choking on the bloody cucumber, Ellen!’ Hahaha.

  2. I’ve just started doing a bit of both. The mess! OMG the mess! Anyway I wrote a post a little while back on who I thought calpol was baby crack…I hadn’t even considered Petit Filous…..ahhhh so much to learn!

  3. haha that was great. Do you have a “do’s” post? Keen to know more about BLW from a real persons perspective

  4. I am on week 2 of mashing and mushing and so far, it’s going well. I want to introduce some BLW methods once she has properly has the hang of this food malarky though, so thanks for the advice!


  5. I love this and so true we have been through this with MM. We did purees with Buba as baby led didn’t work with him but MM decided on her own she hated purees and baby food. Great how different babies can be. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  6. I’ve done BLW with both of mine and it’s awesome, but yes, OMG the mess!! I used to take our own ‘splash mat’ with us to friends’ places so that my kids wouldn’t stain their carpets…


  7. Haha! I’m trying a version of this at the moment, well I’m not pureeing, just mashing and giving lots of finger foods which I didn’t really do last time round. And it seems to be working well, he likes to move actual pieces of things around his mouth and chew on sticks etc. You’re right about the grandparent reaction!!

  8. The Mother says – The Grandparent bit totally resonated with me. We never did baby led weaning but watching my parents watch Lucas when he started eating solids was brilliant. If they could’ve, they would have had an ambulance on permanent standby at which ever property we were at!! I also reckon Nanny phoned the local A&E and offered to pay them to have a bed on standby at all times!!! Really enjoyed reading this post 🙂 #sharewithme

    • That’s hilarious. My mum hovered but didn’t quite know what to do with herself. It was like she was ready to pounce at any moment!

  9. This post is hilarious, and so very true. I am pretty sure Boo has the magical power of creating more food than we started with!
    Totally agree with the advice about grandparents – my mum still doesn’t like to be left alone with Boo when she is eating, cos she used to gag a lot when she was younger.

  10. We have started doing a mix of puree and baby led weaning depending on how Baby E feels that day, meal…mid meal! Like you I had previously spent hours pulverising everything in sight to make up ‘delicious’ little pots of mush to serve to Baby E only to have it, quite literally, thrown in my face. Baby led is starting to feel like the way to go. #sharewithme

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