Or as she rightly prefers to be called, Jocelyn Macnab

I know from the many google searches that refer people to my blog that the children’s TV program Topsy & Tim raises a lot of questions.  Questions from the grown up’s, not the kids. So I was really pleased when I had the opportunity to ask Jocelyn Macnab who plays Topsy a few questions.



First let’s get some things cleared up…

Jocelyn and Josh (Tim) were seven when they filmed Topsy & Tim.  They are not twins in real life. She did not wear a wig, although the fringe was fake, and Jocelyn completely agrees that Topsy is a weird name.

Jocelyn is 11 now and and can be heard as the voice of Coco in Bing, and more recently in Hetty Feather playing the part of young Hetty.

Having always wanted to act and Jocelyn’s parents support this by taking her to auditions and helping her choose her agent.  Her favourite actress is Helena Bonham Carter.

Although Jocelyn loves acting, when she’s older she would like to be a politician or a writer.

Big complied his own set of questions for Jocelyn, so here are the hard hitting questions a seven year old wanted the answers to!


The Interview: 


Big: Do you like Harry Potter?

Jocelyn: I’m sorry, I detest Harry Potter. Although I have met Daniel Radcliffe (Harry).

Big: Woah!


Big: What’s your favourite food?

Jocelyn: Definitely eggs.


Big: Do you like One Direction? (Big is a big fan, because they are all boys and there are no girls!)

Jocelyn: I like a couple of their songs but I generally don’t really like them. Sorry!


Big: Do you get to have time off school when you are being filmed?

Jocelyn: Yes, I do, but I get tutoring on set.


Big: Does it take a long time to make Topsy & Tim programs?

Jocelyn: It took 9 months to make the first 2 series so.. yeah sort of. We don’t make the scenes in order though.

Big: I was supposed to be narrator in my class assembly but I missed it because I had the chickenpox.


Big: Is Mossy a nice Dog?

Jocelyn: Mossy is a lovely dog. Her real name is Mossop.


Big: What’s your favourite thing about being Topsy?

Jocelyn: Hmmm…. Probably the memories I got and the people I met.


Big: What’s it like being famous?

Jocelyn: I’m not famous. My characters are but I’m not. Anyhow, it’s fun when people do find out!  I have been recognised by parents but not the actual children. I know Josh gets recognised all the time!


Big: Do your friends think it’s cool that you are on TV?

Jocelyn: At first, they did, but now they’re not really fussed.


Big: What’s Tim really like? Does he like Pokemon?

Jocelyn: Tim (Josh) is the most annoying person in the world. I believe he does like Pokemon, although I’m not sure.


Big: What is your favourite episode of Topsy & Tim?

Jocelyn: I like birthday party because it was fun to make and the food was delicious!


Big: I saw the episode where you were in hospital. Have you ever been in hospital in real life?

Jocelyn: Yes, a lot. I have had 3 operations and often go into A&E.

Big: I had to go to A&E once because I cut my head open.  I have a scar but I don’t mind because it’s like Harry Potter’s.


Big: What’s the best thing about being Topsy?

Jocelyn: We won a BAFTA! It has also helped me get other jobs.


Big: Do you have any brothers or sisters in real life?

Jocelyn: I have one brother who is 10.

Big: My little brother is 3

Topsy aka Jocelyn macnab at the BAFTA's

Jocelyn at the BAFTA’s


Finally I had a question for Jocelyn’s parents…

My children love Topsy & Tim, but sometimes as a parent you wonder how Topsy & Tim’s mum always stays so calm, even in the face of nits!  Topsy & Tim never throw a tantrum and are always delightfully well behaved.  Can you make parents everywhere feel better by telling us about one of Jocelyn’s tantrums, so that the next time one of our little ones is having a meltdown because they asked for cheese and we had the audacity to give them cheese, we can think to ourselves, Topsy did this too.

When Jocelyn was 3, she had a massive tantrum about turning 4. She didn’t want to turn 4 at all! We finally managed to convince her that she wouldn’t get any birthday presents and Father Christmas wouldn’t come if she didn’t turn 4.


Thank-you so much to Jocelyn and her parents for their time.  


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