The presents have been opened, the turkey has been eaten, the crackers have been pulled, and the Baileys has been downed by the mug full. Another Christmas has been and gone. Hopefully you got some nice gifts, you probably added an inch or two to your waist line. But for now the chaos and fun is over and you are left with the following 10 post-Christmas problems.

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1 What day is it?

That bit between Christmas and New Year where everyone wonders round slightly dazed and confused uttering something about sprouts. No one has any idea what day it is.

2 Taking the decs down

I’ve been known to take mine down on 27th December in a bid to give us back some much needed space. But whenever you take yours down you can guarantee it’s not as much fun as when you put them up. There are no Christmas tunes in the background. The mulled wine has all gone. And nothing seems to fit back in the boxes they came out of.

When your done the room feels five times bigger, if slightly duller without the magic of fairy lights.

3 You can’t move for stuff

Pre-Christmas you went a bit over board with gifts for the kids. You didn’t give a second thought to all the other gifts they would receive from other relatives. Pre-Christmas you were smug because you cleared out some old toys to make room for the new ones. Post-Christmas you thinks pre-Christmas you was an idiot. And the massive Thomas Rail Way and Toot Toot Drivers garage will not fit in the drawer you cleared out. They will live in your lounge and you will trip over them every day until your kids next birthday.

And don’t get me started on the rubbish and empty boxes piling up waiting for bin collections to get back to normal.

4 Getting your kids to write thank-you notes

It’s easier and less painful to get them to put their shoes on for the school run.

5 Returning Gifts

You thought the manic shopping centres were hell before Christmas. Now you have to visit the crazy sale time. Chances are you will queue for half an hour to be told “We are not accepting returns until January.” And whilst you stomp off in a disgruntled huff you see the gift you bought for your Mum now has 75% off.

And then there is the sods law of all sales that means anything you like will not be in your size.

6 There’s so much food

The apocalyptic pre-Christmas shop where you bought more food than humanly possible to consume for two days, is still filling your cupboards to bursting. Although you have nothing that you could make an actual meal out of.

Everyone is talking about eating healthy come January which means you have two days to consume six share sized bags of Walkers Sensations, two boxes of Celebrations, a box of After Eight mints, two panettone’s, a box of mince pies, a yule log and a bag of walnuts.

7 New Years Resoloutions

Everyone is making new years resolutions that normally involve less food and more exercise. It all seems like a lot of hard work, and you can’t really be bothered. But you feel like you need to be a better version of yourself so try and commit to something vague and non committal like eating less crisps. Sounds much more doable than a complete detox..

8 You have to get the kids back into a routine

One that doesn’t involve chocolate for breakfast. Although you will miss the threat of “No advent calendar.”

9 You need to do stuff

All that stuff you put off and said you would do after Christmas / in January / in the New Year. Guess what? The time is now. Hop to it.

Are you ready to do it all again in eleven months?

Happy New Year!

What are your post-Christmas problems?

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Claire Kirby

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  1. hahaha! I really have to think about what day it is. It doesn’t even feel like a Saturday today. It doesn’t feel like any day!
    I have cooked spaghetti bolognese for tea tonight just so we can eat something which isn’t a snack. lol

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