I love that saying about cousins,

“Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends” 

It perfectly sums up my relationship with my cousin Katie.  She was bridesmaid at my wedding and now I get to be bridesmaid for her.  Her wedding also happens to be in Australia, so I get to go to a wedding and have a holiday.  Bonus!

My only problem is I have no experience of flying with kids.  Big will have just turned 10 when we go, and Little will be 5.  I am slightly apprehensive about the 24 hours of travelling…


6 Stages of booking a long haul flight with kids


long haul flight with kids


1 Excitement

This is the bit where you spend all of your time thinking about the destination you are travelling to.  Planning your itinerary, booking accommodation, thinking about your holiday wardrobe.  How you actually get there isn’t really of concern right now.


2 Realisation

Oh shit what heave we done?  16 hours in a confined space with no escape wand two kids.  We must be crazy.  We have actually lost our minds.  I struggle to keep them both entertained for half an hour.  Little is going to be bouncing off the walls.  Oh God, people are going to complain about us.  We’ll be on the news.


3 Search for alternatives

Considerations along the following lines will go through your head

  • Can we go by boat?
  • If I win the lottery we could go by private jet.  Note to self; Must start buying lottery tickets.
  • Can I drug the kids?
  • Can I go on a different flight to the kids?
  • Maybe the grandparents will take them with them.



They should really give you extra hand luggage when you have kids.  I mean surely I need to take ALL of the activities.  Tablets, books, colouring in stuff, snacks, (better not give them sweets on a plane, no one wants to witness that sugar high).  toys, games,change of clothes, stuffed animals for sleep time.  We need a roof box and a trailer when we go camping for two days. 


Fingers Crossed

Fingers crossed we survive without too many tears and the husband and I don’t get a divorce at 35,000 feet.

But it’s ok, right?  I mean we don’t have to do it all again for at least 2 weeks.


Maybe this time next year I will write the stages of being on a long haul flight with kids.  I think there maybe more than 6!  One of them will probably be wine.

I have a year to plan.  Hit me with your tips people.


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the 6 stages you go through when you book a long haul flight with your kids. From the excitement, to the dreaded realisation and miticlous planning. I mean what could possibly go wrong?






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