You spend the best part of nine months waiting for the first moment you see your baby. Nine months of excitement and terror in equal measure.  You spend the last few weeks begging them to come out NOW.  Then you abruptly change your mind after the labour starts and decide they can stay put.  You expect an out pour of emotion, a rush of love, tears.  But in reality, whether your baby was pushed out, pulled out, or meditated out, after the unique experience of labour, your first thoughts after giving birth might not be what you expect them to be.

We didn’t find out the gender of either of our children, so I expected my first thoughts after giving birth to be centred around whether it was a pink or a blue one.  The reality was those thoughts were way down the list!  

My first thoughts after giving birth…

With my first son I was in theatre for an emergency forceps delivery.  I felt relief after hearing him cry.  He was handed to my husband, where he continued to cry.  As I lay on the bed shivering with blankets being piled on top of me, I looked over at my husband cradling our new born son with tears streaming down his face, my honest thoughts were “Man that baby is loud.  How do you make him stop!”  Of course when he was finally placed in my arms I got the rush of love.  

With my second son things happened some what quickly and I just remember being shell shocked and wondering what the hell just happened.  The midwife asked if we knew what we had had and the husband and I nodded our heads and said “A baby”.  After telling us our baby was in fact a boy, my first coherent thoughts were that he was tiny and I loved him. I then had such a rush of feeling so empowered and incredible.  Then the midwife started the stitches and my son weed on me and I was back to earth!   

What everyone else thought…

I reached out to some fellow bloggers to find out what their first thoughts after giving birth were.  They contained a lot of WTF’s, OMG’S and vaginas! Take a read for yourself…

First Thoughts After Giving Birth

1 Wow.  This is new.

2 Oh my God there’s an actual baby!

3 I just hoped they were ok.  My twins were born 6 weeks early so it was mainly worry.


First Thoughts After Giving Birth - I Knew You Were A Boy


Followed about an hour later by “you want to put paracetamol WHERE?”

6 I love you.

7  I had a c-section and then they took her over to be weighed and I wrenched my shoulder trying to see her so it was something like “Shit where is my baby, ow, that hurts”.

8 What a shame you’ll be an only child because I’m never doing that again. (But of course I did!)

9 What the hell am I supposed to do?

10 After over 40 hours in labour “you’re finally here!” quickly followed by “he weighs how much?!” (10lb 3oz!)

11 Thank god you arrived in a hospital and not in the lay-by!

12  “Will he be ok?” as he was born in an emergency situation and was taken away to help him get breathing (he was fine in the end!)

13  How bad is the damage? How big is he?

14  ‘Where are you going?!?’ as my husband had to leave fairly sharpish afterwards as per the hospital rules. There’s nothing more terrifying than being left in sole charge of a tiny new life when your body is screaming for sleep.


First Thoughts After Giving Birth - You look like your father


16 She made it.

17 “It’s a girl!”  Then, to my husband: “is it? Or are they balls?”  (They weren’t balls. It was a girl)

18 What the hell just happened?! Where is my baby?

19 You are my baby. I love you.

20 “I can’t believe I just had a baby, it doesn’t feel real.” followed by confused looks at my cone-headed, purple tinged child and lots of out of body feelings!

21 Four years on I still remember exactly how he felt as he was born, and he looked long and thin, and not unlike a skinned rabbit.

22 Number one: “You’re finally here!”  I had a traumatic miscarriage before my daughter was born and I was so anxious during pregnancy. I found it hard to let myself believe there would actually be a baby in case there wasn’t.
Number two: also “you’re finally here” but because it was a 65 hour labour (compared to 28 hours for number one – don’t believe people who day second labours are always quicker).
Number three: “I’ll never get to birth a baby again, sob.” (He’s our last.)


First Thoughts After Giving Birth



24 What the hell – it’s an actual real baby! (5 minutes later…) oh yeah, what gender is it!?

25 My first thought was “after that I can do absolutely anything” I felt so empowered.

26  Is my fanny ok?!! Lol…seriously! I had a 3rd degree tear and was pretty aware something wasn’t quite right, bit shell shocked

27  Wow-he’s here! I can finally cuddle him

28 Mine was the standard OMG! how many fingers does she have, wow that’s a lot of blood, OMG! my wife’s gone pale. *starts crying with emotion. Just me then.

29 After my first it was “wow, you’re here!” after my second I actually said to my husband “snip snip” and I can’t blame it on drugs as I delivered without pain relief.

30 “Thank god that’s over!” And I’m a midwife!

31 It’s a boy? Are you sure? Yup definitely a boy! What a funny shaped head he has.

32 Girl or boy??? My fiancé told me we’d had a boy. We didn’t – he was looking at the umbilical cord! I was so confused for a few seconds but over the moon either way! The midwives were wetting themselves.

33 I just remember feeling the most overwhelming feeling of relief – I’d got myself worked up that it was all going to end badly, but hearing that little baby cry felt like the most magical moment of all. And then I was desperately waiting for my husband to tell me if we had a son or daughter!

34 I thought “OMG! OMG!”  I was so happy and overwhelmed, and glad it was over, but then finding out I still had to get the placenta out. That is not a pleasant experience, especially when you think you’re done!

35 First Thoughts After Giving Birth

Vag-anus: such bad tearing its all just one now


36 That will be the last time I do that. Literally turned to my husband and said “I’m sorry Neil but this will be our last baby”.

I changed my mind the next day of course!

37 “Book my husband in for a vasectomy please nurse”.

38 Has baby got all its fingers and toes? Oh and is a boy or girl?

39Does my vagina look like a ripped sofa?” I was pretty high at the time.

40 I had an emergency c – section with spinal block and my first thought was I can’t hear her cry, is she ok? Followed promptly by panic that I couldn’t feel any of my body!

41 When I had my first I just remember thinking she was so long as the midwife went to put her on my chest. I was just amazed that my body had just produced this baby. With my second, I was just in a daze and wasn’t thinking much at all – think I utterly tripped out on gas and air!

42 OMG! it’s a boy! Everyone was so convinced it was a girl, we thought so too!

43 WTF just happened? while lying on my living room floor with my baby after an unplanned home birth!

44 “SHIT he’s got red hair!”

45 I had a home water birth and the moment my son was born the midwife told me I needed to pick him up out of the water. I was so out of it after two hours of pushing my first words were…


46Oh my god she’s huge” after which the midwife and my husband proceeded to tell me she was tiny – 5lb 14oz. She felt huge to me after pushing her out I can tell you!

47 I said and thought “What a relief” (It really was, he was 10lb 9)

48 I just cried, which isn’t something I do! I was surprised by how big he was 8.6 but his head was a bit swollen so he looked even bigger. Then I threw up all over my hair and the pillow.!! 

49 Initially relief following a complicated 47 hour labour. Then how apt it was my daughter arrived to the sound of the Salvation Army singing Good King Wenceslas outside the delivery suite. She was born on Christmas Day 2010.

50 I was spaced out on all the drugs and drama I just kept repeating “It’s a baby. A real baby”.

51 Wow my body suddenly feels so empty. Look at my little baby! Is that a willy?!


What were your first thoughts?

Thanks to these awesome contributors…

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11 Comments on 51 Surprising First Thoughts After Giving Birth

  1. I had 43 after my second, for exactly the same reason. Except I was on my bed, not living room floor. I think my next thoughts mostly related to the likelihood of the blood coming out of my sheets and my good towels (it did). #FridayFrolics

  2. Love this post.I felt absolutely nothing for about 48 hours though.No rush of love,nothing!Infact the whole thing was a slowburn.I had had a terrible time and was in so much pain so thats all I can think it was.Now I just have to think of his face and I am overcome with how much I love him.But at the time….absolutely nothing!!!!!

  3. “Book my husband in for a vasectomy please nurse”. Ahahaha, some brilliant thoughts and I am relieved to read these. My first thought was – can I sleep now please? Little did I know that 7 years later I still would be dreaming of sleep! #FridayFrolics

  4. Some great answers there. My first birthing was hugely traumatic and just blady awful. I was so drugged up on pethedine I barely remember anything and there were hardly any emotions at first. With the second I had an epidural and it was amazing!!!! I remember wanting to hold her instantly and just being so overcome with joy. The contrast between the two is still something that makes me sad.

  5. These are so funny … I was so relieved it was over I didn’t really think much at all. They wheeled me away to stitch a few things back together almost straight away and handed the baby to Rev T. I think his thoughts were along of the lines of, “Gosh, now for it …” as he stood there waiting for me to be wheeled back

  6. Oh yes I remember feeling my body is empty and what the hell am I supposed to do, it felt like the job was done and left to my own devices. First time round was a very scary time for me with it being a surreal situation X #fridayfrolics

  7. Brilliant! I love is it a girl are they balls?? Remember that for her wedding day!
    I think I said “oh Jesus Christ Tessa (my daughter) why did you do that to me?” She was 12 days late and then arrived in about 8 minutes of me going into labour, my hubby delivered her on the landing!

  8. Definitely something about him looking like his grandad, not even dad haha. That and how relieved I was that he was there and safe and breathing…and the rest! #fridayfrolics

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