Because I’m happy
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do

I was nominated by the very talented Kate at Yellowbelly Mummy to make a list of 50 things that make me happy. Well for starters lists make me happy, so I thought why not.  You can check out Kate’s list here.

So here, and I promise in no particular order, (because choosing between my kids, my husband and chocolate, is next to impossible) is my list of happy 🙂

  1. My Husband.  – Most of the times he knows how to make me smile.  When he doesn’t he knows to stay out of my way.
  2. The Big One.  – With his non stop chatter and goofy smile.
  3. The Little One.  –  With his opened mouthed kisses and crazy mop of hair.

    The Big One & The Little One
    The Big One & The Little One
  4. My Family.
  5. My Friends.
  6. Hearing that people are pregnant.  – Friends or celebrities (aka people I want to be my friends) the news always makes me happy.
  7. Bluebells.
  8. Gerard Butler (especially in P.S I Love You) .Lifeloveanddirtydishes Life Love and Dirty Dishes
  9. Chocolate. – It always makes me happy.  ALWAYS.
  10. Strawberries (as they come mind, don’t be spoiling them with any cream or sugar shenanigans).
  11. Rose Wine.
  12. Getting My Eyelashes Tinted
  13. My GHD’s.  – Life without them doesn’t bear thinking about.
  14. New Clothes.
  15. Handbags.  – I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite.
  16. Diet Coke.
  17. Clean Sheets.  – I love getting into bed when there’s clean sheets.  Especially in the winter when the heated blanket has pre-warmed the bed.  Yes, I know I sound like an old lady.  But I am warm and happy.
  18. Being Alone In The Car With My Ipod.
  19. Dancing When No One’s Watching.
  20. Singing When No One’s Listening (Normally links to #18).
  21. Days Out With My Boys.
  22. Nights Out With My Husband.
  23. Getting The Giggles.
  24. Getting Into A Good Box Set.  – Brothers & Sisters was one of my favourites.
  25. Reading.
  26. Writing My Blog.
  27. When My Blog Posts Get featured or Published.
  28. My Mum’s Roasts.  – They’re the best.
  29. Bargains.
  30. Cuddles With My Small People.
  31. Reminiscing With My Husband.
  32. Good Customer Service.
  33. Photos and Picture Frames.  – My obsession is getting out of hand.  I need more walls in my house.2015-03-26 18.05.03
  34. Spanx.
  35. Birthdays.
  36. Autumn.
  37. Boots.  – A pair of boots always makes me happy.
  38. Lists.  – To do lists, shopping lists, packing lists, stuff I want lists, hit list.  I love ’em all.
  39. Feeling Organised.  – Normally involves #38.
  40. A Good Movie.
  41. Scales. (Only when they say I weigh less than the week before).
  42. Stationery.  – Does that make me a nerd?
  43. Painting.  – The emulsion on walls type.  I find it strangely therapeutic.
  44. When My Small People Sleep Past 6:30am.  – At least I think it would make me happy.  It’s never actually happened.
  45. Buying Kids Clothes.  – Everything suits them and sizes are pretty straightforward.
  46. When My Boys Giggle Together.  – Although it is normally at farts.
  47. Celebrity Gossip.
  48. Holidays.

    New York Holiday  (fresh faces give away the fact this was before kids!)
    New York Holiday
    (fresh faces give away the fact this was before kids!)
  49. Getting My Hair Cut.
  50. Girls Nights Out.  – Especially when accompanied by #11 and #23
Girls Night Out


I nominate some bloggers that make me happy.  Yvette at Big Trouble in Little Nappies Em at Brummy Mummy of 2 and Jess at Wry Mummy.

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  1. What a beautiful list and amazing things to be happy about darling. I love these on SWM this week a few others have done them. Making me all smile and be grateful too. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  2. The Mother says – I am loving these ‘Happy’ posts and even more than reading them, it’s great to find out more about a blogger but also that I reckon it makes the writer so happy just writing it 🙂 #sharewithme

  3. What I have noticed as I read a few of these (my own unpublished on included – goes live Wednesday next week) is the clean sheets, I wonder if it is a British thing?

  4. Great list – am definitely with you on the GHDs, chocolate and strawberries, Gerard Butler not so much, but what is it about writing lists that is sooooo satisfying?! Thanks for joining in the fun!

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