Romantic gestures like a weekend away are a thing of the past.  A distant memory from long ago in a life before children.  The husband is more likely to bring home a bottle of nit shampoo than he is a bottle of bubbly.  But romance is not dead.  It’s just different.


romantic gestures


The best romantic gestures that leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy and loved up are far more likely to be one of the following: 


1 Run me a bubble bath

This includes remembering to remove all bit of plastic tat from the bathroom, ensuring there is no wee on the floor before I enter, and most importantly, keeping the small people out.  And not just out of the room.  Out of the room, and not sat by the door asking me “What you doing Mummy?”  “I’ve taken my clothes off Mummy.”  “Can I blow the candles out Mummy?”  “Why don’t you have a winkie Mummy?


2 Cook dinner.


3 Take the kids to soft play – without me.


4 Do the food shopping (and get the things on the list).


5 Do the stuff

Imagine coming down in the morning and finding the lunchboxes done, the kids bags packed ready for school, homework complete and permission slips signed, shoes and coats ready to go, something taken out of the freezer ready for dinner, the washing machine on, and the breakfast things laid out, a cup of tea waiting for you.  I think someone is getting lucky tonight.


6 Buy me chocolates and don’t give them to me in front of the kids so I don’t have to share.


7 Tell me you’re coming home from work early (That right there makes me want to renew our marriage vows.)


8 Take the bins out without being asked.


9 Clean the toilets (I have two boys).


10 Tell me to slip into something comfortable

And by something comfortable mean big fluffy PJ’s.  Give me full control of the remote.  Even if it means watching Gilmore Girls.


11 Put the washing on.


12 Supervise the kids maths homework.


13 Volunteer to deal with all of the poo for a whole day.


14 Prosecco.


15 The lie in

The ultimate of all romantic gestures for parents.  And a huge sacrifice.  Giving your other half a lie in and keeping the kids from jumping on the bed or reenacting Frozen at the top of their voices downstairs.


The husband for-fills a lot of these romantic gestures on a regular basis.  In fact I think there is more romance in our lives than there was before kids.  There are definitely lower expectations!


What romantic gestures win you over these days?


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does valentine's mean less now you are a mum?  Is romance dead?  I think it's just difference.  Feel the love with these romantic gestures for Mums




Claire Kirby

3 Comments on 15 Romantic Gestures For Mums

  1. Sounds like the perfect Valentines! My husband does a lot of these to be fair, but we’re still working on ‘doing the stuff’ without me asking/providing step-by-step instructions! #FridayFrolics

  2. Sounds like a perfect Valentine’s Day to me! In all fairness though, my husband does a lot of these already; if we could only crack ‘doing the stuff’ without me asking/providing step-by-step instructions, he’d be getting a 10 out of 10! #FridayFrolics

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