So they take a bit of getting used to. It can take a while to find a shape that you find comfortable and that doesn’t try and jump down your throat every time you breathe in. And us Brits like to moan don’t we. There has been a lot of moaning about face masks. But I think we are over looking some of the benefits of wearing a face mask…

A globe with a face mask on.  The benefits of wearing a face mask

Benefits of wearing a face mask

1 You only need minimal make-up

Brows and mascara and you are good to go. That’s a massive time saver right there. Who is predicting lip stick to be the least worn item in 2020? Well that and actual trousers. PJ bottoms on a zoom call are pretty much the norm now, right?

2 It hides your breakouts

Sporting a zit that requires it’s own postcode on your chin? No worries the face mask will cover it. Admittedly it’s the face mask that is causing you to have all these break outs, but lets focus on the positives.

3 Face masks keep you warm

Now I know we all moaned in Summer that they made us hot. I mean who knew eyeballs could actually sweat. But now the weather has turned, I’m loving my little face warmer.

4 You can hide your double chin

Bake off is back and we’re all eating cake.

5 You can be rude to people

Eye rolls aren’t very subtle, but one of the many benefits of wearing a face mask, are that you can easily execute the more childish version of they eye roll without being seen; the tongue poke.

6 Your kids think you look like a Ninja

This earns serious cool points in my house. Although I am aware this may be quite niche. But Ninjago has been a part of every day conversations in my house for the last 5 years.

7 It’s an excuse to shop

Get your fashion fix by buying masks to match your clothes. They are a lot cheaper than the outfit for the wedding you are now not going to.

8 You can be antisocial

Yes I was in Sainsburys the other day, no I didn’t see you, must be the mask, I didn’t recognise you.

The benefits of wearing a face mask are that you can easily hide from people. Hood up, mask on, chuck some sun glasses on and no one will know it’s you!

9 Give yourself a facial work out

Trying to convey your emotions through a mask is difficult. Over emphasising your smile in the hope it somehow emanates through your eyes can leave you feeling ridiculous. But on the upside the facial workout may just get rid of the double chin!

10 It shows your level of intelligence

I mean, just by wearing one it shows your pretty clued up (medically exempt obviously not included). But wearing one correctly so it actually covers your nose AND your mouth. That right there displays genius levels of intelligence. Especially from what I can see, when you are in the supermarket. You will be in the minority of people that have more brain cells than an amoeba.

benefits of wearing a face mask

11 You can channel your inner Beyonce

Now is your time to shine. You can walk down the street lip syncing your heart out to your favourite tunes and no one will ever know. You can pretend you are in your very own music video without people crossing the road to avoid you.

What’s even better is imagining everyone else you see wearing a mask is giving it large underneath. It’s like a secret flash mob. Go on, you know you want to.

12 You are saving lives

No bigger benefit really is there.

So to sum up you can totally rock a face mask that co-ordinates with your outfit, whilst wearing minimal make-up, starring in your very own music video and being a real life superhero by protecting others. I think the benefits of wearing a face mask are pretty awesome.

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