The run up to Christmas can be stressful, busy and expensive.  The shops reduces all the gifts a week after you bought them, you’re running out of places to stuff hide presents, your to-do list could rival Santa’s, and you know there’s something you’ve forgotten but you can’t remember what it is and it’s keeping you awake at night.  There’s a lot of grumpiness and general bah humbugging out there.  I myself have just witnessed a cashier and the customer in front of me have a good moan about Christmas and ungrateful children.  Admittedly I was in Poundland and not an exclusive boutique store, but enough people.

Sometimes we need reminding that Christmas should be all about joy and goodwill to all men.  Let’s all take a deep breath, relax and enjoy some Christmas merriment.  We all work so hard to make this day perfect that we sometimes forget to stop and open our eyes and see the magic of Christmas.

Here are my top 10 festive highs that always make me smile and feel that Christmas glow.


10 Things To Make You Feel Festive


1 Christmas Lights 

From beautiful icicles hanging gracefully from the eaves of gorgeous houses, to the tacky flashing singing larger than life Santa.  And not forgetting the houses that negate the requirement for street lights due to the sheer number of lights, and use more electricity in one month than the rest of the year.  I love them all.  Plus it’s a really cheap evening out driving around with the kids looking at the Christmas lights and belting out Christmas tunes at the top of our voices.  


2 Christmas Songs  

Everyone has a favourite.  A song that gets them in the festive mood.  One they like to turn up loud and sing and dance like no one’s watching.  “You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy…” sing it with me now!  Greatest Christmas song of all time.  Fact.


3 Christmas Movies  

There’s always a non-believer.  There’s always some bad guy out to ruin Christmas.  Throw in some cute kids and Father Christmas then some Christmas magic happens and a beautiful happy ending. What’s not to love. It is the law that I must watch Love Actually whilst wrapping gifts.  


4 Nailed It Present  

Some people are notoriously hard to buy for (My Mother-in-law likes scrunchies – nobody has sold them since the nineties), Some people very usefully tell you want they want and you can go get it.  But every year I manage to get that one surprise gift for someone that I know they are just going to love, then love me even more for giving it to them. They will be thrilled, I will be in the running for best daughter / friend / niece / wife award.  Everyone is happy.  I am smug. Nailed it.  Feeling festive.


5 Cards From Your Kids  

What better way to make a mummy grin from ear to ear (and maybe weep a little) than to present her with her Christmas card.  Not to be confused with getting your kids to write their Christmas cards for their class mates.  This activity needs to be started in August to avoid draining you of all Christmas spirit.



6 Strangers Wishing You Merry Christmas  

Sometimes the world is shit and really crappy things happen.  But other times you can be reminded just how caring and generous the majority of people are.  At Christmas most people seem to remember this and it’s okay to make eye contact with a complete stranger on the street and smile and say “Merry Christmas”.  At any other time of the year smiling and greeting strangers makes people think you are a bit mental and weird, and people will cross the street to avoid to you.


7 Food  

You get to have food that you don’t buy at any other time of year like massive boxes of biscuits, Turkish-delight and Ferrero Rocher.  Yum.  And calories don’t matter because “It’s Christmas.”  You can eat guilt free.  Until January when you will be disgusted with yourself, but at least you won’t be alone and fat clubs are normally free to join in January!


8 Kids Are On Their Best Behaviour  

And if they momentarily step out of line, the mere mention of the man in red reverts them back to little angels.  At no other time of year do you have such power over your kids!  Make the most of it!


9 Christmas Magic  

The sheer excitement and wonder in any child’s eyes at this time of year reduces me to a weeping mess.  Big is convinced that last year he saw Father Christmas and Rudolph in his bedroom on Christmas Eve.  And I will tell that story to his children, in the same way we tease my now 31 year old brother about the time he dove into bed so quick because he heard Santa’s sleigh and had to get to sleep before he landed on the roof.  We will be watching for the big mans sleigh in the sky on Christmas Eve (Aka International Space Station) along with millions of other families, as we savour every bit of Christmas magic that we can.


10 Drink 

It’s perfectly acceptable to drink Prosecco at nine in the morning on Christmas day.  Do you need any other reason to get in the Christmas spirit and feel festive?


What things make you feel festive?


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Felling more Grinch than your are Santa? Christmas stress making you feel a bit bah humbug? Check out these 10 festive things to make you feel festive and get in the Christmas spirit and enjoy the magic.




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