When I was a kid we used to pretend the shed in the garden was our clubhouse. Inspired by our love of the Secret Seven books, my friend and I declared the shed as the base for the Red Indian Club. You could only come in if you knew the password. Only the shed was full of spiders and home to a couple of mice. Often we would have to abandon our top secret meetings because the appearance of a mouse would cause us to run into the house screaming. Nowadays you can get a beautiful wooden playhouse from companies like Fatmoose.

We have had our wooden playhouse for 6 years now and it has been worth every penny ten times over.

So here are my 10 reasons why you should get a wooden playhouse…

wooden playhouse

1 Playhouses are great for imaginative play

Our playhouse has been an office, a shop, a cafe, a work shed, a laboratory, a garage, even an art gallery. My particular favourite is the cafe, you never get what you’ve asked for, and a single strawberry once cost me £20!

The possibilities of their play is endless. As far as encouraging imaginative play, their play house tops the list of everything we own. Handy tip, if they do turn it into an art gallery, remember to get the drawings in at the end of the day. Otherwise there maybe a meltdown about soggy pictures. Mum fail!

2 Playhouses are built to last

Wooden playhouses a robust and are built to last. Unlike the plastic playhouses where the colour fades and the material gets brittle. Not to mention the dirt and grime that plastic toys seem to attract. Long after your child has squeezed themselves into their Cosy Coupe for the last time, the wooden playhouse will still be going.

3 Playhouses provide shade on a hot day

Playing in the garden on a hot Summers day can sometimes leave everyone a bit hot and bothered. A playhouse provides the perfect bit of shade for the kids to cool down. It’s the best place to consume ice cream!

4 You can get creative

Never mind the kids imaginative play, you can get creative yourself. With so many different colours of wood paint to choose from it’s easy to change the look of the playhouse as often as you want.

5 There are less accidents

Trampoline-related fractures accounted for 359 of every 10,000 fractures in children aged 17 and under in 2018. And that’s not the only type of accident that happens on a trampoline. Bouncing and weak bladders are not a good mix! Play houses are much safer!

wooden playhouse

6 The kids can eat in there

Our kids consume most of their meals in their playhouse in the Summer months. It’s certainly less mess for me to clean up in the kitchen!

7 The kids can camp in there

It’s not that big a reach from eating in there, to sleeping in there. Plus it means you don’t have to pitch a tent, knowing that after two hours they will be asking to come back in to their own beds anyway!

8 Playhouses make a great hiding place

And not just for the kids. During our lockdown due to Covid-19, I was craving a bit of time to myself. The kids followed me everywhere. I managed to hide in their playhouse for a whole 15 minutes before being discovered.

9 Playhouses are suitable for all ages

Little was a baby when we got theirs, and Big is now 10. The games they play in the playhouse have changed over the years, but they still love it. I spoke to them both the other day about maybe this being the last year with the playhouse as they were getting older, and they both begged me to keep it!

10 Playhouses make your garden look a bit posh

I mean you could go so far as calling it your Summer house!

Fatmoose playhouses suit the wildest of imaginations. You can get them on stilts, and with slides and swings for your little adventurer. They even sell the cutest accessories, including a mail box and a door bell. The playhouses are made from easy care, pressure tested, solid wood. Easy to assemble and built to last. A wooden playhouse is a purchase that will create years of fun memories.

wooden playhouse

This post is sponsored by Fatmoose.

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