Life, Love and Dirty Dishes is mainly about the amusing side of this thing we call parenting, and living with small people.

If you are after some giggles then look no further than the following categories for some light hearted fun.


A Bun in the Oven

Posts about pregnancy and childbirth.  The morning sickness, the weak bladder and everything in between!


Life With a Baby

The sleepless nights and poonamis.  Not to mention the baby brain and pushchair wars.


Toddlers Rule The World

The posts about living with a dictator.  Thank goodness they are so cute.


School Days

Life is all about school runs and jumper dumpers.


Kids TV

Love it or loathe it, the likes of Peppa and Topsy & Tim are part of your life now.


Life Before vs Life After Children

It’s life, but not as we know it.


Rules for Life

Parenting comes with so many rules it’s enough to make your head spin.


So This is Parenting

Nits, chickenpox and poo in the bath.  It’s a glamorous job!



The parenting version of some classic pop songs.


Way Back When

A time before facebook and contouring.  A look back at the eighties and nineties.


Festive Fun

A little Christmas cheer.


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