Welcome to Friday Frolics – The linky with the giggles, and the place for all of your funny posts.  Hosted by myself, Lucy (R is for Hoppit) and Emma (Island Living 365).  

An Announcement

This is the penultimate Friday Frolics.  I started this linky on the 27th March 2015.  Lucy and Emma came on board to host with me in July 2016.  It’s been 3 years of brilliant laughs. 

I have genuinely looked forward to reading your posts, and they have been a lifeline after those tough parenting weeks.  I have fallen in love with so many blogs through this linky. 

Normally Friday Frolics averages around 15 – 20 link ups per week, which I think is pretty good for a niche linky.  However numbers have dropped significantly since just before Christmas.  

I’m sad to say that I think Friday Frolics has had it’s day.  I’ve known it for a while but haven’t wanted to let go because it’s been my baby for so long.  But with only one or two link ups it doesn’t seem worth the time to host.  So I’ve put my big girl pants on and I am waving goodbye.

I would like to thank you for linking up and making me giggle.  I hope you continue to pop by and say hi.  A big thank-you to Lucy and Emma too for being brilliant co-hosts.  It was always a pleasure to work with you both

If anyone feels they would like to take over Friday Frolics and give it a new lease of life, please do drop me a line.

Next week will be the final Friday Frolics.  I may cry.

Onto this week…

This week I’m linking up a post about romantic gestures for a mum.


Friday Frolics

On With The Show…

Here are the rules:

  1. Make us laugh!  Friday Frolics is all about the funny, so please no reviews, or how to make a finger puppet (unless of course they are hilarious).
  2. Include the Friday Frolics badge in the post that you are linking.  If you do not include the badge you will not be eligible to feature as a Friday Favourite.
  3. Comment on one of each of the hosts posts, and at least one other post for every post you link up.  Share the fun people!  Use #FridayFrolics when you comment on posts so people can see where you are linking from.
  4. You can link up to 2 posts, old or new.

Other stuff…

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Claire Kirby

8 Comments on Friday Frolics Linky – 16th February – An Announcement

  1. This was such a fab and funny linky and I am so sad to see it go. However, you should be so proud of this linky! Nearly three years is amazing and the posts that used to link up here were amazing (I am of course biased though!). I used to love my Friday mornings reading through the funny posts, snorting with laughter. I was honoured to be your co-host and loved working with you on Friday Frolics. Maybe after a little rest it will come back bigger and better than before. I look forward to co-hosting with you on the last (for now) one. Lots of love xx

    • I loved having you co-host Emma. There have been such brilliant posts over the years. I am proud. I remember being so nervous when I first started it, but for a niche linky I think it id really well and people genuinely looked forward to their Friday giggles.

  2. Linkies can definitely be a lot of hard work and sometimes for apparently little reward but I think this linky would be a huge loss to the blogging world. Perhaps you could change the day or something or get a few more co-hosts but I am sure you have already thought of many of these things. Happy to promote it on my Fb groups every week if that helps or however I could help but also understand that sometimes we just need to call things a day for our own sanity.

  3. Aww Claire! I’ve always loved Friday Frolics. I’m just sorry that typically my one immense working day is always a Friday so aside from a quick 10 min catch up on the train I’m sans phone! Would have loved to have linked up more often! I completely relate to the work that goes into hosting though ❤. Big hugs and bon voyage to Friday Frolics. xxx

    Ps. Why have I started speaking French? Haven’t done that since GCSE??? x

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