Welcome to the first Friday Frolics.

Here is where I share some posts from other bloggers that have made me laugh this week.

Pull up a chair, grab a glass of wine (tea if it’s before 11am!) and enjoy a little giggle with me.


Love is in the air with Valentine’s tomorrow so I thought I would share some ‘romantic’ posts. I use the term ‘romantic’ loosely!   It’s a combination of date nights and rats!  I did say loosely.

The first is from the lovely Jess at Wry Mummy.  ‘How rats can spice up your marriage’  Having had mice taking residence in our loft a few years ago, I can relate to this.

Blog Wry Mummy_Logo_Art2

The second is a post from Lorna at It’s a Mummy Thing.  ‘8 signs you need a date night’.  I ticked all 8!


Happy Friday everyone 🙂 And happy valentines too!



Claire Kirby

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