I have one slightly ferrel child, who loves being outdoors. The other has more hermit like tendencies and would happily stay indoors all day. So much so that on beautiful sunny days I find myself turning into my mother and saying things like “It’s a beautiful day out there and you are wasting it indoors”. Thankfully Wicked Uncle have an awesome range of kids toys that make fantastic Summer gifts to entice the hermit out, and to distract the ferrel one from digging up my hydrangea.

Summer Gifts for kids

Why You Should check out Wicked Uncle

I always get excited about working with brands that I am already a huge fan of and a regular customer. Firstly because I trust them and know it’s going to be good quality. And secondly there’s a good chance that if I really like something, then my like minded readers will too.

There are three main reasons why I choose to shop at Wicked Uncle

1 Price

I think the toys are great value and not overpriced plastic tat!

2 Quality

Anything I have bought from them has always been great quality, and their customer service is a high standard

3 Something Different

Wicked Uncle is a great site if you are looking for something a bit different, or you are stuck for ideas. It stops me being filled with dread when when a relative asks “what can I get him for his birthday?”, because I know I can pop on to Wicked Uncle and find things that the kids will genuinely love that I would have never thought of.

The Summer holidays are fast approaching and I am on a mission to plan some activities and things to do, but also plan for the many days that we are at home and the kids start driving me crazy with shouts of “I’m bored”. Wicked Uncle has definitely given me some inspiration for toys that are going to keep them amused, and don’t cost a fortune.

Whether your kids have an upcoming Summer birthday, some pocket money to spend, or you want to get them an end of school year treat, there are some great Summer gifts to suit any budget, and help alleviate some boredom over the six weeks holidays. This is my selection of top picks.

Summer Gifts For Kids Under £10

Waboka Ball £5.95

Summer gifts

An easy to catch ball that bounces on water. This one looks like excellent fun for the pool, and a great pocket money toy.

Doughnut Airdisc Frisbee £9.99

Summer gifts

Who doesn’t love a doughnut, and who doesn’t love a frisbee. It’s a winning combination! I always think frisbees are one of those toys every kids should have. We even keep one in the boot for when we are out and about.

Pocket Kite £6.99

It’s a kite. it fits in your pocket. And it’s under £10. Sold!

Banana Squeeze Popper £8.99

Shoot foam balls at your sibling! My advice would be to buy two, so the sibling can shoot back!

Summer Gifts For Kids Under £15

Outdoor Adventure Camping Projector £14.95

Summer gifts

Not only does this projector come with 24 camping themed images, but it doubles up as a nightlight. Perfect for camping trips or camp outs in the garden.

Grow It Rainbow Veg £12.95

Summer gifts

My kids have used a few of these grow kits now. They love them. It’s a great way to get them involved in gardening and asking questions about how things grow and the food we eat. Plus any vegetable avoiders might be happy to try what they have grown themselves.

Shark Glider £14.95

Summer gifts

The movie Sharknado comes to mind! These things are really durable and fly really well. My kids love them.

Rock painting £12.99

This rock painting kit kick started a new hobby for me and the kids last year. We now collect rocks wherever we go so we can paint them. This makes a lovely gift.

Build Your Own Wooden Birdhouse £14.95

Build it, paint it, then hang it for the birds to use. I love how Wicked Uncle toys inspire creativity and are great conversation starters for kids to learn about something new.

Summer Gifts For Kids Under £20

Butterfly Garden £18.95

Summer gifts

Another great educational toy, and it can be used again and again. Advance warning, the initial stage is a bit gross! It’s worth it though. Seeing the butterflies emerge is incredible.

Table Tennis £17.95

Summer gifts

When you haven’t got room for a tennis court, this is the next best thing. Some might even say better!

Fairy Garden £15.95

I would have loved this as a kid. In fact, I would still love it now. I think this fairy garden is educational, creative and encourages imaginative play. I do, I really want one for my garden.

Turbo Spoke £17.99

Summer gifts

An exhaust system for your bike that makes it sound like a motorbike when you pedal. My ferrel child would love this. He loves watching motorbike racing with Daddy so turning his bike into a motorbike would be amazing. In fact I think Daddy would like one for his bike too!

Summer Gifts For Kids Under £25

Smart Ball £20

Summer gifts

With Euro 2020 (in 2021) in full force, football themed Summer gifts will please any footie fan. This smart ball counts your keepy uppys.

Ultra Dash £21.95

My kids were bought this game and they love it. You race to match the colour of the flashes on your tagger with the colour of the target. When you place the tagger on the first target, the colour immediately changes to identify the next target. It’s high energy and can be played indoors and outdoors. Not one for when you are feeling tired!

XL Mega Bounce £20

Summer gifts

Sometimes a picture says it all. This looks awesome!!! I need a bigger garden!

X Knix Speed Buggy £24.99

Summer gifts

Remote controlled cars are great fun, and a great reason to get out the house for a walk.

Summer Gifts For Kids Under £30

Go Go Bird £29.95

A remote controlled bird that actually flies! It has a range of 60m and can perform aerial tricks. Summer gifts for older kids can be tricky, but I think this one solves that problem.

Geo Safari Seascape £29.95

A telescope that allows you to see underwater. Perfect for rock pooling with you little nature lovers.

I hope you like these ideas for Summer gifts and get a chance to check out what Wicked Uncle have to offer. You never know, one of these toys could mean you don’t hear “I’m bored” 27 times a day in the Summer Holidays.

This post is sponsored by Wicked Uncle. I have been compensated for my time, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Summer gifts for kids to suit every budget from Wicked Uncle




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  1. These ideas really are good value – the summer holidays can be so expensive so anything that entertains them without breaking the bank gets the thumbs up from me! #fortheloveofblog

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