This strawberry daquari mocktail is perfect for a heatwave. Freezing cold and full of fruity flavour. It’s a lot like a slushie drink, and being it’s non-alcoholic, it’s perfect to make for the kids too. And unlike normal slushie drinks, it won’t cost a small fortune!

As well as tasting great, it’s so quick and easy to make, and even if you have to buy the ingredients, once they are in your store cupboard you can make it again and again.

strawberry daquari mocktail

I have been sober for over a year now after deciding I no longer enjoyed that drunken buzz. There is so much more choice for non-alcoholic beverages now, but the other day I really fancied some kind of mocktail, so decided to make my own. Home measures are always so much better!

strawberry daquari mocktail

Every strawberry daquari mocktail recipe I looked at was different. So I put together some of the key ingredients and came up with my own version. A lot of the recipes use liquid sugar. This seems to be an American item as I had never heard of it. I substituted it for fruit syrup which was available from my local Sainsburys. I also used grenadine syrup rather than squash.

strawberry daquari mocktail

Although you could use fresh strawberries, frozen strawberries help with the slushiness.

I feel this strawberry daquari mocktail should come with some warnings though. Firstly, one is never enough. And secondly, brain freeze!!!


Strawberry Daquari Mocktail Recipe

You will definitely need a straw for this one. I have some plastic mason jars, that are the perfect vessel for mocktails in the garden. Especially in the hands of the kids. Amazon sell these ones. Click on the image to purchase (affiliate link)

Do you have a favourite mocktail? Let me know in the comments. And if you give this one a go, please let me know what you think.

strawberry daquari mocktail

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