I’ve been a regular SimplyCook customer for a few years now and I happily rave about them to anyone who will listen. So as I have your ears, or eyes so to speak, I wanted to tell you why I rate them so highly, and tell you about their creamy honey mustard chicken.

Simplycook is a subscription service that allows you to pick meals for their website or app. The herbs and spices and marinades required are delivered to you in a letterbox sized parcel with an easy to follow recipe card. Each box contains 4 meals for £9.99, so less that £2.50 each. The recipe kits tell you the additional ingredients you need so it’s easy to meal plan and add them to you weekly shop.

honey mustard chicken

6 Reasons to Use SimplyCook

1 It’s affordable

I’ve found other meal subscription boxes to be quite expensive. SimplyCook is really affordable. £9.99 a month and I simply add the ingredients to my weekly shop. I would have been ordering ingredients I needed for a meal anyway, so I find it makes no difference to the cost of my shopping, and a lot of the time it’s ingredients I would be buying anyway, or have in my larder cupboard. Plus there’s no commitment, you can cancel anytime.

2 It gets you out of a rut

Ever feel like you are just having the same meals over and over again? SimplyCook is a great way to try new things with easy to follow recipes and add some new favourites to your menu.

honey mustard chicken

3 It’s a healthy takeaway alternative

There are great everyday meals on SimplyCook, but there are also some amazing meals that feel like a special treat. It can be a nice alternative to a takeaway, and with nutritional information on the recipe cards, it’s easy to make healthy choices.

4 There’s no wastage

I love a meal plan, but a meal plan needs to be flexible because life happens! Sometimes time runs out and instead of preparing a lovely home cooked meal you just need a bung it in the oven job. If I have SimplyCook meal on my plan and the cooker blows up just as I’m about to start cooking (true story) I haven’t wasted anything. The ingredients can easily be used for other things later in the week, and the recipe kits will last for months.

5 Great Recipes

There is tons of choice when in comes to the recipe kits. From burgers, to pasta, to salads. There are lots of vegan and vegetarian options too. We’ve had lots of amazing SimplyCook meals but my top recommendation is always the Vietnamese Pork. It’s a favourite in our house and better than any takeaway.

6 They Make Great gifts

I love making gift hampers. Last Christmas I made hampers for friends that contained a SimplyCook Vietnamese Pork recipe kit and recipe card and added some chopsticks, napkins, a candle and a bag of prawn crackers. Each hamper cost me £5 to put together and made a really nice gift. It’s easy to add to as well with a bottle of wine and maybe a supermarket gift voucher.

honey mustard chicken

SimplyCook Creamy Honey Mustard Chicken

I tried the SimplyCook Honey Mustard chicken on Monday night. I didn’t use their serving suggestion as Monday wouldn’t be right without bubble and squeak made from our left over roast veg. Is it just me that always makes way more veg on a Sunday just so they can have loads of bubble and squeak on a Monday?!

Apart from the serving suggestion the only change I made to the recipe was to omit the mushrooms because I don’t like them!

The Recipe Card

Every SimplyCook kit comes with it’s own recipe card complete with mouth watering picture. The recipe cards give you lots of information such as cooking time, number of people it serves, spice rating, and number of calories. The cards normally contain a tip too. The tip on the honey mustard chicken card was to season the chicken with salt and pepper and a dusting of cornflour before cooking.

The card is clearly laid out so you can see the ingredients easily and the method. It includes alternative serving suggestions and a tear off strip with the ingredients that you could pop into your purse.

honey mustard chicken


I found this recipe really easy to shop for as it’s all things I would normally buy, chicken breast, onion and creme fraiche. I also already had the store cupboard ingredients.

The recipe card gives you quantities for making this dish for both 2 people and 4 which I found really useful.


This was really easy to make and relatively quick. Perfect for a midweek meal. The instructions on the kit are easy to follow and no technical cooking jargon involved!

There’s clever use of bold and coloured text to make the ingredients and SimplyCook pots stand out.

I love the cards because they don’t take up room like a big bulky book when I am cooking, and they don’t keep turning off like my screen if I am using a tablet for a recipe.


One of the things I love about SimplyCook is everything I make looks like the picture on the card! The honey mustard chicken was beautifully tender and full of flavour. It is definitely a kit I would choose again.

SimplyCook is a really great recipe kit subscription service. If you fancy giving it a go you can get your first box for £3 Honey mustard chicken is a great weekday meal to add to your box. And tell me if you try the Vietnamese Pork!

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Creamy honey and mustard chicken recipe kit from SimplyCook

This post is sponsored by SimplyCook but all thought and opinions are my own.

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