I was recently commissioned by Mobility Plus to give my thoughts on making life accessible with walk in showers.

walk in showers

Having kids I don’t exactly take having a shower forgranted anymore. Having a shower long enough to shave both my legs and wash my hair without any small people interrupting to tell me they are hungry, ask about the meaning of life, or use the toilet for the biggest stinkiest poo, is considered a luxury.

I can tell you quite easily the best shower I have had in my life. It was 9 days after flying to Canada. After a long haul flight I really wanted a shower. Unfortunately my best friend who we were staying with lived on a farm and the water for the shower came from a dug out. It smelt really bad and was a kind of yellow colour. After a week of staying on the farm we took a road trip to the Rocky Mountains. We bunked on peoples sofas along the way, until we hit a town called Medicine Hat where we splashed out on a motel room. Aesthetically that shower was nothing special, but over a week after that long haul flight and the farm shower it felt like heaven!

Making showers accessible

Being able to get in and out of the shower without a second thought is something that I do take forgranted. But imagine if taking a simple shower in your own home was something you were unable to do because your shower was inaccessible to you.

Mobility plus provide a range of walk in showers for people with mobility issues. They offer stylish and practical solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Houses that are adapted can keep older people healthy and help them live independently. Having an adapted bathroom reduces the risks of falls and keeps elderly people in control of their basic needs.

The costs of poor housing to the NHS is estimated to be £1.4 billion per annum; of which nearly half (£624 million) is attributed to poor housing among older adults.*

Something as simple as swapping a bath for a walk in shower can make all the difference to someone being able to stay in their own home. Making life accessible with walk in showers can give someone their independence. Because having a shower should be something simple.

*Statistics from Age UK

This post is an advertisement for Mobility Plus.

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