The things I have been watching, reading and using this month. Basically little things I have loved that might interest you.

What I’m Reading…

At the age of 40, I am reading my first ever ‘self help’ kind of book. I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life. And I hate the way I look. And hating the way you look really effects your self confidence. But I know from having lost weight before, it doesn’t change your mindset. It’s not the answer to everything or a miracle cure.

I know that I need to change the way I see myself and rewire my brain to be kinder to myself. But it’s hard when it’s so ingrained. I also find myself in a grey area where I want to be body positive, but I do want to loose weight at the same time. So whilst I may not love my body, I am working on it both physically and mentally.

I’m only half way through this book, but it has made me laugh and cry and think oh my god yes! It’s kind of like Megan has been inside my head and had a route around the box that’s normally kept locked away from everyone else.

I find it really hard to talk about how I feel about myself. I feel emotional just writing this. So at the moment I am not going to say anymore, until I am ready to do so. But for anyone that has ever wished they could look a different way, you should read this book. Get your copy here.

little loves

What I’m Watching…

So on a lighter note! The husband and I have just binged through New Amsterdam on Prime. Finally after nine long years I have found something the fill the ER shaped void in my life. Similar in the camera shots, politics and characters personal stories, but not quite as gritty as ER. I did however still love it and can’t wait for the next series of New Amsterdam.

I still miss you though Carter.

I’ve also binged my way through tons of Netflix. The new season of Queer Eye, and cried at every episode. The Madeline McCann documentary which made me think about how much research we should probably do into our holiday destinations. And I absolutely loved After Life. “I’d rather it was me sat here missing him, than it was him sat here missing me”. Beautiful and heartbreaking.

What I’m Using…

There are two beauty products that I am loving at the moment. The first is a foaming cleanser from Sanctuary Spa. It leaves my face feeling really fresh and clean, which I know is what a cleanser is supposed to do, but I really like this one! Grab yours here.

The second is Taaj oil which I have been using after a shower, and I have never used anything that moisturises my skin as much as this does. It’s really lovely to use and isn’t greasy which you would expect an oil to be. This is one of my must have products now. It is £22.50 for a bottle, but my first one lasted 6 months. You can grab one here.

What I’m Buying…

Phanyard! I find on days out with the kids I always have my phone in my hand ready to take pictures, particularly if I’m working. Then I’ll put in it my bag and miss a brilliant photo opportunity whilst I’m routing around for it. I love Phanyard because I can now wear my phone around my neck and it’s there whenever I need it.

You can read more about Phanyard here and how they started.

little loves

What I’m Listening Too…

When the kids aren’t listening to the soundtrack from The Lego Movie 2 and I get a look in, I can’t get enough of Jess Glynne at the moment. I’ve also been a bit obsessed with Shallow after watching A Star is Born.

What I am Loving…

Spring vibes. And in particular bringing the Spring to my hallway! That sounds a bit boring doesn’t it. But for years I really struggled with our hallway not working for us and giving us the storage we needed. At the end of last year we designed out own storage system using the platsa range from Ikea.

It has been brilliant. Everything has a home now. The coats, shoes, school bags, hoover, ironing board, the ironing pile, even the spare batteries. I even have a cupboard now for all the random gifts I pick up when I see a bargain, but could then never find when I actually needed them.

This month I picked up a few ornaments to add a bit of a Spring vibe to the hallway.

What I’m Lusting After…

A little while ago I was approached by Murals Wallpaper to see if they could send me some of their wallpaper. I declined because we are saving for a trip to Australia so not doing any decorating at the moment. They have kindly sent me some sample to use as flatlays for photography. But after going through their website I want to redecorate every room in my house. In fact I want to get a bigger house because I simply do not have enough walls for all of the designs that I like.

If you fancy disappearing down a rabbit hole and lust after some interior ideas, I really recommend you check them out. Be careful though, I lost an hour doing this!

That’s my little loves for this month. Did you see anything you liked?

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