Getting the perfect Christmas present for people can be difficult. Even more so when they live in a different country. Choosing gifts according to postage weight is very limiting! Tinggly have the solution for you.

Tinggly offer experience gifts. In a time when people are rightly conscious of having too much stuff, experiences are a great way of giving a gift that creates memories, without the ‘stuff’. And the amazing thing about Tinggly is that they offer experiences around the world.


Whether you have a relative living abroad, a friend who is travelling, or a wedding gift for a couple about to go on honeymoon, Tinggly have some amazing experiences. They even have lots in the UK.

The Merry Christmas voucher is £99 and gives a choice of more than 560 experiences in over 100 countries. The experiences are valid for a lifetime, so the recipient can fit it into their life.

The gifts can be delivered in an eco friendly box to either you or direct to the recipient. There is also the option to have the voucher delivered via email so there is no wasted packaging.

Here are a few examples of the experiences available:


Microlighting in the UK

Whale Watching in Canada

Reef Snorkelling in Florida

Thai Cuisine Cruise in Thailand

Dinner in the Dark in Villinus

Cave Kayaking in Belize

VIP Helicopter Experience in Las Vegas

Whale & Dolphin Watching in Tenneriffe

Bungee Jump in New Zealand


There are different gift boxes available a varying prices as well as the Christmas box. You can get gift boxes for specific places, for her, for him, for couples, or by type such as skydives, or driving experiences. There is something for everyone.

More often as a family we pool our money for gifts now, so we can get something really special that we wouldn’t be able to afford on our own. Sites like Tinggly make giving special gifts easy.

This post is sponsored by Tinggly. Views and opinions are my own.




Claire Kirby

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