One of my favourite parts of organising a kids party is the party bags.  I don’t know why but over the years I have developed a firm no tat rule!  But it can be difficult to find party bag ideas for some nicer things that won’t break the bank.

My top tips for sourcing items for party bags would be:

  • Buy things when you see them.  Don’t wait for the party.  If you see something that’s a great deal and you think it would be great as a party bag gift buy it, even if the party is 6 months away.  It’s certainly easier than paying for it all in the same month.
  • Buy in bulk.  There are normally around 10 kids at a party and buying in bulk always works out cheaper.
  • ebay is definitely your friend when it comes to party bags.

Here are some of my ideas for my son’s party bags.  He turns 8 this month.  

party bag ideas

1 Chocolates

I bought these Lego men moulds from ebay for around £4 a few years ago and I have used them every year.  They were particularly cost effective the year he had a whole class party as I gave out bags of chocolate Lego men as the party bags.  All I had to buy was chocolate and 40 kids were sorted.  And the kids loved them.

Chocolate Lego men moulds from ebay for around £4


2 Lego Figures

My son is crazy about Lego so this year I am including a Lego figure in each child’s party bag. You can get some great deals on ebay.  I bought 10 figures for 50p each.  I think it’s something the kids will love and play with that’s also great quality.

Lego figures £5.00 for 10


3 Erasers

Kids always use stationery.  I stuck with the Lego theme and got these erasers at £1.80 for 18 from ebay.

Lego rubbers £1.80 for 18 from ebay


4 Badges

I stumbled upon these and got them because I thought the kids would like them and again they are Lego!  These badges were £2.50 for 12 from ebay.

Pencils from paper chase Emoji posts its from paper chase


5 Post It Notes

These were from Paper Chase and were £3.50.  There are 10 in a set, so enough for one each in the party bags.  The Emoji Movie is currently popular so I though the kids would like these.

Party Bag Ideas


6 Pencils

These were something I picked up ages ago.  Miniature pencils from Paperchase.  I got them in the sale for £3 and there are enough for 3 each.

Party Bag Ideas


7 Trading Cards

Most kids I know love trading cards.  Normally £1 per pack you can get some bulk deals on ebay.  I managed to find 10 packs for £6.

8 Books

I love putting books in party bags.  And I have a great response from parents when I do. You can normally find some really great deals on book sets and then split them for the party bags. I bought a Captain Underpants set of 10 books for £12.99 on Amazon.

Party Bag Ideas


9 Fidget Spinners

If my son is anything to go by I know these are going to be a huge hit.  You can get these cheaper and I have seen them in the Poundshop.  However I spent a little bit more to get light up ones and the look on my Sons face was totally worth it!  These fidget spinners were £17.99 for a pack of 10 various colours from ebay.


The party bags were £3.70 for 10 from ebay.  You can get them in various colours.

Party Bag Ideas



For a party of 10 these party bags would cost around £5 per child.  That cost can easily be halved by only including a few of the items and still giving the child a quality party bag with items that are going to last.

What do you think?  Do you like these ideas, or should party bags be all about the tat?!


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Party Bag Ideas 


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